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1 23rd April 07:03
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Default 1990 Ford 5.0 diagnostic help...please?

Thanks for the suggestions, guy and also for the links.
I haven't had the time to do anything thourough...yet.

But I think I may have multiple problems. first off, I looked down and
saw the 02's one on each manifold. I felt around for the wires to find
the connectors and the one on the drivers side had quite a long tail
which was rubbing against the firewall. Don't know if it had rubbed
though but i pulled it away and . Huh? the car seems to be running
better and the light hasn't flashed near like what it did. So I'm
guessing you all may be right about the 02's.

But the last three days it's been mighty nice weather so I've also run
witht he heater off. Well, this morning it's quite chilly so I turned
the heat up and put it to floor. No indicator light flash, but the car
started to cut out and stagger a little. I do know that if it's on
defroster, the AC pump clutch will cycle and cause a very slight and
momentary stall. But this isn't the case.

I've never been a fan of the climatic-control system used on these
cars. I've always thought them a tinker toy kind of a oke. I don't
know what the problem is with the old and very reliabley simple cable
system, but the engineers never ask my opinion for some reason. LOL!

And in this past winter the heater never really has worked good. I'm
thinking that there is a vacuum problem with the heater system ia not
letting the vent door close or operate properly. or something inside
the heater controller leaking vacuum. I'm thinking I'm experiencing
"old- car syndrom"

I still plan to do the diagnostics on the o2's though.
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