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1 25th January 22:38
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Default 2001 Expedition Door Keypad Code

I have a 2001 Expedition with the keypad on the drivers door. I have the
factory code and it works fine. I've read posts on how to add a personal
code in addition to the factory code. Here's my problem.
My 17 year old son (is all his wisdom) told a "friend" the code a few weeks
ago so the friend could get something out of the vehicle. Now it seems that
other items are coming up missing from the vehicle. The vehicle is parked
in a driveway on a nightly basis and there is no convienent other way to
secure the vehicle.

Is there a way to change or disable the keypad entry system?

Thanks for your help.
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2 26th January 01:25
c. e. white
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Default 2001 Expedition Door Keypad Code

Did your son give out the permanent code, or your personal code? Changing
the personal code is easy. See the owners manual. If he gave out the
permanent code, your options are not so easy. You could unplug the keypad.
There is a connector inside the door. Or you could swap a couple of wires to
the keypad to "change the code." You can also modify the keyless entry
module to change the permanent code. If you remove the module from the truck
and take off the cover you can see a series of five resistors on the circuit
board that you can alter to change the code. There used to be an article on
the web with details on how to do this, but I can't find it at the moment.
You could also just replace the module. A new module is around $76 from . It will come with a new permanent code. You could
also get one from a junk yard. The permanent code is on a label on the unit.
If you replace the unit, you will need to reprogram your remotes (see the
owner's guide for instructions).

You should join the Expedition Owner's Group mailing list. See .


Ed White
Expedition Owner since 1997 - over 230,000 miles in an Expedition (and I
have over $13,000 in gas bills to prove it
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