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1 30th November 17:05
joseph s clayton
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Default 2004 Mustang GT rim sizes

Hi all,
I am new to this forum, excuse the post.

I have recently bought a 2004 Mustang GT, standard equipment. To my taste,
it is geared real low in the first four gears. Eyeballing the wheel wells,
it appears to me that it would accomodate taller rims. A quick visit to and a view of some fan pics, revealed a 2003 Mustang Cobra
with the below listed rims/tires. Could my auto accomodate this set-up?
What are the implications? I live in a rural, mountainous part of NW NC.
For the most part, the car, as is, suits me. My greatest thrill is romping
up old Highway 16, blasting out of the curves into the straights, and
recovering to take the curves. For Interstate use, I might want more speed.

Thanks for any help.

19" 5 Zigen Hyper 5ZR Wheels (19 x 10 R, 19 x 8 F)
Bridgestone S03 Pole Position Tires
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2 30th November 17:13
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Default 2004 Mustang GT rim sizes

First may I suggest you price the tires and wheels in which
you are interested? The 245/45Z 17's that on your car are
$150 a piece.

mike hunt
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