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1 19th August 03:57
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Default 2005 Ford Escape Fuel Fill Tube Problem

I have a 2005 Escape Ltd and it is a giant pain to fill the gas tank
with fuel. I'm not talking about the price, there is a problem with
the pump shutting when I pump. This happens even when I pump it slow.
I can put in say .3 gal and then the stupid filler nozzle clicks off.
Takes a long time to fill the tank. It happens at all gas stations.

Could this be an emissions device (solenoid) problem? If so, Ford
will have to pick up the tab for the repair.
Anyone else have this problem?
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2 19th August 03:57
jim warman
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Default 2005 Ford Escape Fuel Fill Tube Problem

There is a TSB for this concern... If the car is under waranty, there should
be no problem with the repair... If the car is out of warranty.... there is
the chance that the dealer might be able to AWA the repair.... The dealer
doesn't have a whole big bag of these "AWA tokens" so it will be up to the
dealer that sold you the car....

Another consideration is the use that the car sees.... A lot of people
confuse AWD (like the Escape) with 4WD. AWD isn't as friendly to off-roading
as 4WD is.... No excuses... that's just the way it is....

Top-postingly yours....
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3 19th August 03:57
External User
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Default 2005 Ford Escape Fuel Fill Tube Problem

The car might still be in warranty. Why not take the service manager to
the gas station and have him show you how to fill it or determine if
there is a problem.

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4 19th August 03:57
External User
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Default 2005 Ford Escape Fuel Fill Tube Problem

What car? The Escape is a truck.

Often, Ford and the other car makers will pay for repairs related to a
TSB even after the warranty expires. I don't know if this is the case
with this problem. I am not sure what you mean by "concern." The word is "problem."

What does this have to do with the OP's problem with his truck?

See, it is hard to follow a thread when you are top-posting idiot. Jeff
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5 19th August 03:57
c. e. white
External User
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Default 2005 Ford Escape Fuel Fill Tube Problem

Define truck, and how does the Escape fit the definition? Compare an
Escape to a Fusion - both are vehicles that are primarily front wheel
drive, with AWD versions available, both have similar engine and
transmission offerings, both have four doors. The Escape is a little
taller and has a hatch back. The Fusion has a trunk. Both use unit
body construction. The maximum towing capacity for a Escape is 3500#
(V6 Automatic when properly equipped) or 1500# (4 cylinder). Ford
doesn't recommend towing anything behind a Fusion. The maximum payload
for the Escape is 1000#. The maximum payload for a Fusion is 850#

So what makes the Escape a "truck" and the Fusion a "car?" Towing
capacity? 3500# is pretty wimpy. An extra 150# of load capacity? That
is not much difference. To me the Escape is just a small station
wagon. These days calling something a station wagon is a no-no. SUV
sounds so much more manly, except now "SUV" is starting to take on
negative connotations because they are thought to guzzle gas and be
driven by inconsiderate jerks. Therefore, I think calling an Escape a
"Cross Over Vehicle" is the right way to go. Still, a rose is a rose
no matter what the name.

Where I work, a concern is something a Customer complains about
because he doesn't like it. It could be as trivial as the color of an
item or a Customer not liking the way a control works.

If this vehicle has had the same owner since it was new and the owner
is just now complaining about a slow fill of the fuel tank, then I'd
call this a concern. If it was a problem, it would have been addressed
when the vehicle was new (and comfortably inside the warranty period).

As Jim mentioned there are TSBs for this concern (at least two) -
"05-18-4 SEP 05 Fuel System - Fuel Tank Slow to Fill/Nozzle Shuts
Off " and "07-11-1 JUN 07 Fuel System - Difficult Fuel Fill In Cold
Climates " Apparently this is common complaint for 2005 Escapes. See
or .

If the vehicle is out of warranty, Ford does not have do the work
suggested by the TSB for free. A dealer may do it for free, or may do
it for free if you pressure them. If the vehicle has been back to the
dealer in the past for this complaint, then I would argue it should be
done for free. If the owner is just getting around to complaining now,
then I would be inclined to refuse to do it for free (unless they were a good Customer).

I've have never understood why people get all worked up over top
posting, versus bottom posting, versus in-line posting, versus proper
trimming, etc. If a post is too hard for me to follow, I don't follow
it. Some people have posts with actual information that are worth
following no matter how they are formatted. Some people have posts
that should be ignored no matter how well they follow the accepted
format. And then there are some people who are so irritating I have to
read their posts not matter how they are formatted (like watching a
train wreck, I can't turn away).

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6 19th August 03:57
External User
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Default 2005 Ford Escape Fuel Fill Tube Problem

A truck is a vehicle that is registered as a truck. Functionally,
different safety standards apply. In addition, trucks usually have a
higher center of gravity and appetite for gasoline or diesel. As you
point out, the difference between an SUV and a station wagon or
crossover vehicle (I drove a crossover even before they were called that
- an AMC Eagle) is not big.

I think it is important to remember that Escapes, Astros and Durangos are not cars.


That explains the word "often" I used. And some TSB specfically extend
the warranty for a particular problem.

Gee, I haven't seen a train wreck. Plenty of car crashes, though.

If all of my posts were at the top or bottom, it would be harder to know
to which comments I am replying.

And I still don't know from where the AWD vs. 4wd comments came.
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7 19th August 03:57
c. e. white
External User
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Default 2005 Ford Escape Fuel Fill Tube Problem

It's all grist for the mill.

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8 19th August 03:58
jim warman
External User
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Default 2005 Ford Escape Fuel Fill Tube Problem

OK, Jeffy... I drop some serious info on the subject and all you have to
offer is "the Escape is not a car"? Well, skippy, it certainly ain't a
truck... and if you want to bitch... how about offering the OP some advice
instead of busting my chops. My post has the chance of reducing the
frustration and, perhaps, the expense of added diagnostic charges felt by
the OP.... Your post does what?

The 4WD/AWD reference has much to do with the situation... try to use an all
wheel drive to go mud bogging, and you can break things that just wont be
covered under the warranty.

The customers "concern" with his car is slow filling... you can also call it
trouble, problem or any other of a number of synonymous words.... Do you
have any particular concerns over the use of the term "concern"? Or is
English just a little to complex for you?

A word of advice... be sure the boot you're pissing on today isn't attached
to the ass you'll be kissing tomorrow...
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