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1 15th March 11:36
External User
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Default e40d

i have an e4od in a 91 f250 diesel 4x4 at some times it randomly shifts
into nuetral istead of next higher gear when accelarating or stays in
lower gear and wont hardly shift out also the overdrive light always
blinks but overdrive works trans is ford recon with 20k ford replaced
wiring harness but did not help i adjusted the position sensor but did not
help please help
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2 15th March 11:36
jim warman
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Default e40d

Codes, fluid colour/condition/odour/level may help.
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3 15th March 11:37
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Default e40d

What you are describing is typical of a bad MLPS or nuetral
switch as some call it. I think you called it a position
sensor. Adjusting it won't help. Replacements are readily
availably in the aftermarket for $30-$40. It should come
with an updated connector that is designed to better keep
moisture out which usually causes the earlier type to fail.
Just follow the instructions in the package. Use a good
dielectric grease to protect the contacts from future
moisture. Vaseline will work if nothing else is available
to protect it from moisture corrosion. You may also want to
check your TPS very carefully. This is best done with an
****og VOM (with a needle). Disconnect the sensor from the
harness and move the throttle very slowly through it's
entire range. Watch for any sign of anything other than
perfectly smooth change up to about 3/4 throttle that would
indicate a bad spot. This is a mechanical sensor and is
subject to wear just like the MLPS. Neither of these
sensors will always set a fault code unless they are just
plain dead.

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