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1 15th December 18:55
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Default F-250 shift lever safety lock problem (Automatic)

I have a 2001 F250, for some time now I have problems getting it out of the
Park when I start it up.
The lock that keeps you from taking it out of Park unless you have the foot
brake applied is sticking.

Am thinking their is a relay (solenoid) that needs a shot of LPS, just need
to know where to find it, how to get to it.

I don't think it is a brake switch problem, but till I find the locking pin,
not sure of much cept I can start it up ok, just can't get it out of Park.
Pumping the brake pedal doesn't help, but jiggling the shift lever sometimes

Anyone have any pointers on how to get some lube into the safety lock.

Thanks for any 'good' suggestions
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2 15th December 18:55
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Default F-250 shift lever safety lock problem (Automatic)

I had the same problem on my 99 a few times. When I contacted Ford, they
told me to use a very simple (DAH! I would have never thought of it) trick.
Turn the steering wheel a little to the left or or right. What happens is
that the steering wheel sits against the locking mechanism and just needs to
have the pressure taken off. Simple, easy, and you'd think they fix it so
that it won't happen again.
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3 15th December 18:56
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Default F-250 shift lever safety lock problem (Automatic)

Thanks for the suggestion... I'll check the next time it happens, BUT? I
don't think that's my problem
REASON: I am almost sure the wheel isn't 'latched' into the locked slot
when this happens.
I have had that problem, and your fix is the only cure...

My problem 'appears' to be with the shift lever latch, not the wheel...

In case you don't already know it, if the fuse blows for your brake light...
You can't drive the truck AT ALL, cause you can't get it out of park....

Something worth remembering, Friend had a topper installed, then about a
month later couldn't get the
truck out of park. That's when he found the topper tail light (LED) wire
was shorting out & blew the fuse.
He cut the wire, installed a new fuse and was able to get it out of park &
drive off.
Later he corrected the poor installation / shorting wire.
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4 15th December 23:14
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Default F-250 shift lever safety lock problem (Automatic)

solenoid is located on the column assy. it is not the easiest thing to get
to or to see. look up by brake pedal and you will see a silver cylinder
with a two pin connector going into it. that is the interlock solenoid.
very seldon do i ever see a solenoid failure. problem usually lies in the
brake pedal switch.
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