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1 7th December 13:34
paul frost
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Default Mondeo - Water in Boot

I have a Mondeo with a wet boot. I have traced this to a leak around the O/S
rear light cluster. I have tried re-sealing this with silicone sealant, but
am told this will be un-successful. Has anyone any experience to offer on
this problem?

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2 7th December 13:35
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Default Mondeo - Water in Boot

well a boot is a trunk in england??? and a mondeo is a contour in
england??? if so then go to and ask the same question,
its a pretty good web site for contours and you will probably get a good
hope this helps mate.....
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3 7th December 13:35
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Default Mondeo - Water in Boot

I had a problem with water getting into the light cluster itself ford
contour. Someone sc****d the side of the car a bit, including the red
plastic in the cluster (the one on the side). Eventually, a little crack
developed, and water got in through the crack. I just got some clue (called
Crazy Glue in the US) and sealed the crack. No problems since then.

If your cluster is like mine, there are three bolts holding it on. The seal
between the cluster and the body looks pretty good and is the only place
where water could get inside. I would imagine that silicone would work
pretty good. You might also be able to go to a car recycling facility (also
known as a junk yard in the US) and get a cluster from another car.

The other thought I have that is the seal lasts a while (say 6 months), you
might get away with just resealing it every 4 months or so. Cheaper than a
new cluster. Jeff
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