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1 29th February 09:39
denis roy
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Default rim size substitutions

Anyone know of a site that compares rims from various cars? I have a site
for tire size comparisons but not rims. I am looking for a used set of
winter tires on rims to fit my 97 cavalier. So far I've found good deals on
wheels from a dodge spirit and a 98 ford contour.

Denis Roy
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2 29th February 09:39
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Default rim size substitutions

Try searching for 'wheel' comparisons, including bolt-hole patterns. It's
not 'rims' you're looking for. Rims are the outer part of wheels, and can't
be bought separately. Also be sure to compare wheel diameter, as comparable
bolt-hole patterns can be found on different diameter wheels.
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3 29th February 09:39
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Default rim size substitutions

go to you can compair wheels there
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4 29th February 09:39
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Default rim size substitutions

a gm wheel is a gm wheel ford fits mopar
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5 29th February 09:39
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Default rim size substitutions

The contour wheels will definitely NOT fir (they are 4 bolt) but the
Chrysler 5X100 bolt pattern is the same as the Cavalier, and the
center hole is also the same. The Chevy wheels will NOT fit the Dodge,
but I believe the dodge wheels will fit the Chevy (Dodge Neon, spirit
and Acclaim etc) The dodge wheels will be 5.5" wide while the Chevy
wheels are 6".
I will be attempting to put the Neon wheels from my daughter's old car
onto a friend's daughter's Sunfire on Saturday morning if she gets
into town before I leave.
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6 29th February 09:40
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Default rim size substitutions

Used to be that was true, but not any more. Ford, Mopar and AMC used
the same 5X4.5 pattern on rear drive cars of the past - but even then,
one used a smaller center hole so they fit one direction, but not the
other. With the advent of front drive and "metric" everything changed.
Big GM cars use 5X115, some small ones use 5X100.
Many Mopars use 5X100. The Ford Contour uses the same pattern as the
old 4 cyl Mystang, the Tempo and the Topaz (4X4.5 IIRC) Chevy Corvair
and Chevy 2 used a different 4 bolt pattern, shared by many datsun and
Toyota vehicles of the 70s and 80s.
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7 29th February 09:40
alan b. mac farlane
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Default rim size substitutions

in article mjKQk.285$mA1.231@newsfe01.iad, Denis Roy at

usually it is best to get the winter snow radial tire for your car, that is
the same size as the the street ones you use during the summer as sometimes
an alignment would not be necessary.

you can go up or down in size, change wheels, go from 14 inch to 15 inch for
example and this is easy to do with a truck and their high clearances as
long as the lug pattern fits.

after that, the only problem is fitting the wheel well, that is under that
quarterpanel and really not messing with it (costs to much) in the body

also ... changing wheel size and tire size ... changes your alignment, put
off caster, camber, toe-in ... stuff like that.

So get a new alignment after you change the tires sizes if that is how you

When I was living in snow country ... I just took my winter tires off the
gargage wall and turned the lugs to swap them off until spring.

My mechanic ... at that time the local Goodyear tire store in Sioux City,
Iowa, set up the vehicle to do that with ... and I got BLEMs for the winter
tires. Good people.

sumbuddie hopes this helps.

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8 29th February 09:40
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Default rim size substitutions

If your offset doesn't change your alignment generally doesn't change
from changing tire sises.
The best thing to do for snow tires in our part of the country
(southwestern ontario) is to but higher profile, narrower tires on
smaller rims rather than going with the original size. This is because
narrower tires provide higher patch loading (more pounds per square
inch of contact area) helping the tire get down through the slop to
the pavement below, or to bite more firmly into the inevitable
hard-pack. I have 70 series 14 inch snows on 5 inch wide rims on my
wife's Mystique (used Tempo/Topaz rims) in place of the 60 seies 15
inchers on 6" rims. Combined with the all speed traction control that
was standard on the V6 that beastie will go through just about
anything - and I can get stopped without the antilock kicking in on
all but the sliperiest roads.

On my PT Cruiser I put on a slighly modified set of Neon 15" rims with
the 205-70 Graspics off my TransSport. They are almost 2 full inches
taller - giving me an extra inch of ground clearance - fill the
fenders out reasonably well, and have almost 1/2 inch clearance to the
spring saddles on the front struts. Surprisingly, the speedo is now
just about dead on according to the GPS (was reading high) but the ODO
is out a bit (was almost dead on with the original tires).

Absolutely NO change to the alighnment, even with that SISEABLE change
in tire .
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9 29th February 09:40
alan b. mac farlane
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Default rim size substitutions

in article, at


yeah ... you cannucks do serious snow.

I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Toranto ... it was wonderfull.

Loved the Ice Wine ... recommend it highly.

So ... do listen to this Canadian fellow when it comes to snow answers I
would have to say.

It was something to seeing a 8 inch insulated wall with TWO (2) sets of
double paned windows ... making for at least an R-7 glass pane.

Can see why Hockey is so important for you chaps ... baseballs and windows
are not nice with each other especially when one hit gets 4 of em.

I hope to visit Canada again !!!

sumbuddie having a happy day
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