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Which 90's ford van (eng/tranny) setup is best? - Mombu the Ford Forum
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1 27th August 10:40
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Default Which 90's ford van (eng/tranny) setup is best?

Soo many questions...

Having owned 5 or 6 Ford vans from a 1980 up to my current 2003, I have a
little knowledge of them. If you want something hard working and don't care
about top end speed, my suggestion is that you get a 4.9HD and an E4OD. The
4.9 has enough torque to pull you around, is dependable, and not to be
overlooked, leaves you space to work in that cramped engine compartment.
That's important if you turn your own wrenches.

What I'm not sure about is what year they discontinued them. They tapered
off I know, and I'm not sure if you can find one in the 92 and up

The last year for the 302 and 351 was 1995. 1996 and up will be a triton
engine. Each has it's advantages and disadvantages. I had a 95 E150 Club
Wagon Chateau with the towing package, 351W, and an E4OD, and it was
probably the most solid shifting, hard pulling van I've had. I haven't
owned a diesel or V10 yet, so I don't have any comparison to make there.
The 95 was stronger than my 2003 tho, and the 03 is equipped identically and
has the 5.4. The 03 also has the weaker by comparison 4R70W.

People always complain about transmissions. They're always weaker than the
engine in a car. Just look for one that shifts firmly, doesn't show obvious
signs of abuse, and doesn't have dark or burnt smelling fluid. Even then it
can be a pig in a poke. While the E4OD is stouter than the AOD/4R70W, it's
also more expensive to rebuild.

Lastly, the thing you gotta remember is that whatever you buy is used, and
maybe even abused. You have to check it over very well. Make sure you
drive it long enough to get the engine and transmission good and hot; cold
fluid can mask the symptoms of a weak transmission. If the engine needs any
work, even just valve cover gaskets, remember that it's a pain to work in
that engine bay, and negotiate accordingly.

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2 2nd September 14:34
matt macchiarolo
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Default Which 90's ford van (eng/tranny) setup is best?

Clarification...the 302/351 was available in 96, '97 started the Triton
engines. Up to 96 the 4.9 was available as well, IIRC. I had a 96 Club Wagon
that got a lot of use and was pretty reliable, same setup as your 95. I've
had an '02 F250 with the V10, it is powerful but a gas hog. As far as the
diesel, the E150's certainly didn't have them but I imagine it was available
in the E-350 at least.

If you're looking for fuel economy, low maintenance and don't care about top
speed, look for a 92-96 E-150 with the 4.9 and E40D that hasn't been used
for major hauling and towing.
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3 2nd September 16:59
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Default Which 90's ford van (eng/tranny) setup is best?

It was after 1993 at least; my '93 has that exact combination (4.9/
E4OD) and I have a friend with a slightly newer truck with a 4.9 (has
airbags) so it carried on at least until 94 maybe later.

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