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1 26th July 17:17
josef drexler
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Default TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 57

Hi all, the latest alpha is once again available at

This one has the usual assortment of bugfixes, and new graphics features
for the people who bring you all these great new graphics sets. One new
feature is the start of support for new sound effects, more of that will
come soon I hope.

One new feature is the possibility to choose the active graphics sets for
new games. To do that, open the "Game Options" window from the title
screen, and you'll see a new button that allows you to open the Graphics
Status window. In the title screen, this window will set the graphics
sets for a new random game, as opposed to setting them for the title
screen. Note that whenever you change the climate, the graphics settings
will be reset to the default. You also have to make sure that you close
the window manually, because that's the way it saves the settings for a
new game. If you start a new game without closing the window, the
settings may not get imported. For more information see

roads by overbuilding roads with the Ctrl key held down. To see one-way
roads, you also need the appropriate new graphics from the TTDPatch New
Graphics page (

Enjoy the new features and have fun!


All changes in 2.0.1 alpha 57:
- by Csaba:
* fixed crash when ctrl-clicking shared orders to unlink but
keep them
* fixed multiplayer desync with flat docks
* fixed incorrect warning about "no towns" when starting game
* fix: The color callback wasn't called for news messages and
exclusive offers
* for tile action 2's, bit 30 now means "drawn normally even in
transparent buildings mode" The groundsprite can be 0 from
now on to skip drawing the ground sprite altogether (These
are needed for custom foundations)
* new callback 2E for houses, to override default cargo
generation (wiki will be updated soon)
* new callback 2F for industry tiles to have custom slope
checks instead of default
* new callback 30 for industry tiles to decide if default
foundations should be drawn
* enhancement in variational action 2: if nvar=0, the
calculated value is returned with bit 15 set instead of being
used for a branch. The default value is still required, and
is used when a var. is unaccessible
* fix: vehicles sometimes got stuck unloading and never loaded
- all newcargos are now freight by default (for freighttrains
- new newcargos prop. 15 to set freight status
- change error message when trying to build 91st industry to say
"too many industries"
- fixed crash if VirtualAlloc returned addresses with bit 30 or 31
set (usually the crash would occur when trying to display a grf
- (devel) made sure veh.modflags are cleared when a new vehicle is
- added action 11 to define binary include files (for sound effects)
- add newcargos to grf resource management; need one ID from 00..1D
as cargo ID and one from 20..3F as bit number (for prop.08)
- add grf status to main menu game options windows; set default for
starting new game; settings are reset if the climate is changed
- fixed bug with AI messing up player's original company when
managing another company if enhancemultiplayer was on
- fixed bug stopping AI from doing anything if 75% or shares owned
with cooperative play
- fixed bug with c****s causing incorrect route map for non-ship
- fixed bug in grf resource management with features other than 00
not working
- fixed crash if too many station classes/types in selection
- by Oskar: new switch 'onewayroads on' allows building one-way
roads by holding Ctrl

Josef Drexler |
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