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1 8th February 08:59
jonathan ellis
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Default What is a WILD mage??

And the latter effect had a use, once, for me.

I was playing one of the more popular mods, "Ascension". In which the
final battle is significantly tougher, and with a collection of
opponents you've faced before that were hard enough to defeat singly.

My main character was a wild mage. I had, in addition, Mazzy, Valygar,
Anomen, Imoen and Aerie (romanced). That's quite a lot of spellcasting
power plus people who are no mug as fighters (Anomen got the +1 Str
from the Machine of Lum and was dual-wielding and Improved-Hasted, to
make up for his lack of Greater Whirlwinds. In any case he can cast

Now, I was able to kill off most of the baddies eventually. But the
final one just wouldn't stay down. In the end, all my haste spells had
worn off, my clerics were out of healing spells, my mages out of
attack spells, my fighters out of whirlwinds... and the final foe was
badly injured but just wouldn't go down.

My wild mage had just one usable spell left - Nahal's Reckless
Dweomer. Which I cast, intending for a Dragon's Breath or Abi-Dalzim's
Horrid Wilting. I cursed as I got the wild surge... which came up with
the effect of Summon Cow.

And the cow landed on my final enemy... and did just enough damage to
kill him/her/it (spoilers avoided)...

A rather appropriate way for a wild mage to win the final battle, eh?

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