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1 24th April 21:23
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Default How to Kill Diablo?

Any tips to help me kill Diablo greatly appreciated. I tried very
briefly to whack him at lvl 28 Druid, 3 dire wolves, poison vine,
merc, oak spirt, volcano. I have pretty good armor (Defense 130
armor, nice shield, boots, etc. I know I need lightning resistance but
how much?)

Well, after clearing the Chaos Santuary I went towards the pentagram
and in about a microsecond, with one breath, Diablo killed my merc,
dire wolves, everything, and my health orb was down 50%. Geez, that
was demoralizing after seeing how hardy my dire wolves were up to that
point. Now they are essentially worthless! I immediately pressed ESC
and got the hell away from Diablo.

I have since been grinding, just lvled to 29 Druid, my plan is to
grind and get to lvl 30 Druid, to get Grizzly Bear which I assume is a
good tank compared to the wolves. Am I correct in this strategy? What
strategy can I use to kill Diablo, or should I join a game on Open
Battlenet and seek help from a war party including some advanced
characters? I just want to see Diablo die so I can progress to Act V
Lord of Destruction.
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2 25th April 22:52
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Default How to Kill Diablo?

According to most here (based on past posts) Diablo is a pushover. For
me Diablo always seems like a PITA!!! You need mucho fire resistance
not lightning. You didn't say what kind of Druid other than that you
have the wolves etc. What is your main attack? Sometimes joining a
group is the only way.
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3 25th April 22:53
External User
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Default How to Kill Diablo?

Actually you do want a decent amount of lightning resist aswell. If he hits
you with that lightning attack and you don't have resist you're toasted.

Is the druid a melee druid or caster. If it's melee then your best thing is
a bit of CB. It will help reduce his life alot quicker. Also some life
leech. Always a must for melee characters. You have to keep moving too. Like
i said if he fries you then that's a pity. Diablo however like jcrud said is
pretty much these days a pushover. Shouldn't take long to kill him. ;-)
Jake Mysterio - The Mysterious One of Nothingness.
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4 25th April 22:53
External User
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Default How to Kill Diablo?

He's a pushover to those of us who have played the game many times. To
those who have not, he is pretty initimidating.

Yes, fire resistance is critical, get that up to 75 or close,
lightning resistance too. Grizzly is better than wolf and, you should
be at least level 30 before tackling diablo, if you are not a very
experienced player.

good luck. I had trouble beating him the first time i played the game.
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5 25th April 22:54
External User
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Default How to Kill Diablo?

OK thanks to all. I am almost a 30 Druid, then I can get grizzly. I
read several webpages on this and they were saying like all i had to
be is lvl 23-25 or so, so I was thinking 'WTF?' I will try at lvl 30,
or maybe an openbattlenet game to seek help but then i worry about PKs
(guess I can always do a LAN with a friend and get my equip back from
a saved backup .d2s file)
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6 25th April 22:54
External User
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Default How to Kill Diablo?

Level 30 and get a grizzly is your best bet. Level 23-25 as a Druid? What
web page is that?!?!?
Fighting Diablo as a Druid ****s and is VERY hard. Use your grizzy to keep
him busy and constantly re-cast him.
Your grizzly is only usefull as a tank, not a killer. Grizzly should hold
him in place while you cast your spells at him and wear him down (I assumed
you use elemental attacks because you mentioned using volcano).
Patience. I remember the first time I took on Diablo as a level 30 Necro and
it took me almost an hour.
As a first timer, you should be around level 30 and trust me, Act V is a lot

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7 25th April 22:54
External User
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Default How to Kill Diablo?

EB napisał(a):

But IMHO speed is very important too.

Volcano when staying, but i find fissure is better.

Yes.... me only 30 min. With grizzly. But it is possible to kill
Diablo below 30.
You must only have 'big gun'...and be lucky one.
The funniest part comes when a few not so powerfull chars try Diablo.

Maybe it is only false impression, but i notice, that Diablo isnt so
horny all time.
After some time he gets slower and weaker.
His fire attacks are regulary, after that you have chance to hit him,
then run again.
Try to be on the other side then merc and bear. One of you will not
get punch.

Regards, Wendy_IAH@ESCL
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8 25th April 22:54
External User
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Default How to Kill Diablo?

75 LR and FR if you can manage it. Now's the time to stick some
diamonds in a 3-hole shield if you have any. Armor class is useless
against him, as are your minions. Don't even bother resing your merc,
but do go in with OS up.

Remember, all Act bosses do 10x damage against all minions. His
"breath" is the LBOD, or Lightning Blast of Death.

No need. You could still have killed him. He can't heal as long as
you don't leave him alone too long, so it's just a question of
patience, though it can be a long fight. Without CB or Static, count
on 10-20 minutes, minimum. A few important tactical points:

1. Try to stay out of his face; being behind him or at least well to
the side will protect you against most of his attacks.

2. Learn to recognize his "inhale" animation, which precedes the LBOD.

3. If he sends Firestorm at you, just run out of it.

4. If he starts the LBOD at you, DON'T run away. I know that is your
first impulse, but it will not save you. Instead, run to the side,
around him, and out of the blast. FRW boots will help a lot with

But really, unless you are playing HC, what's to be afraid of? All he
can do is kill you, and in SC you can just say, "Not even MY death
will save you from ME, dog-face." The principal danger in HC is that
he will bone cage and fry you with the LBOD. There is no way out of
that but Alt F4.

Better, but will still need frequent recasting. The major benefit is
that the Griz can keep Diablo busy and in place where your elemental
attacks can hurt him. Fissure is better for this fight than Volcano,
IMO. I once soloed Diablo with a level 25 druid using an unsynergized
level 2 Fissure from a pelt I found. In HC, of course. Took half an
hour, but I was not in trouble at any point.

Oh, please. Open Bnet is a sewer of cheating, and if you are going to
chicken out of soloing Diablo, why play at all?

An unworthy goal, IMO. You should want to KILL HIS REPTILIAN @$$
YOURSELF. He's really not that hard to kill... just a lot harder than
any other monster you have encountered. And if you die, go right back
at him (leave a tp up in the CS). He's already done his worst, what
more can happen?

-- Roy L
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9 29th April 01:39
al smith
External User
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Default How to Kill Diablo?

First rule: forget about your mercs, they are going to die. Don't
waste money reviving them.

Second rule: immediately after triggering the Big Red Dog, run away
and open a town portal far enough back from the pentagram that he
won't follow you there.

Third rule: go back to town and pick up all the charms you've been
saving for a rainy day, and put them in your pack to max your
offensive and defensive power.

Fourth rule: when you portal back to Diablo's crib, *immediately*
open another portal. Do this every time you retreat to town for more
mana and life pots.

Fifth rule: if possible, use a range weapon against Diablo. Stay
away from his talons. The further away you keep yourself, the longer
you will live.

Sixth rule: when he vomits forth his red lightning blast, run to the
*side* -- do not try to get out of range of it. The blast will
follow you around, but you can out-run it by going in a circle
around him.

Seventh rule: hit and run, hit and run, hit and run. Don't try to do
much damage at any one attack, because you won't be able to. Just be
content to chip away at his life bar.

Eighth rule: when you get low on potions, break off your attack and
get your ass back to town for more. Never let your life ball fall
much below half-way during your fight, and never let yourself run
out of life potions while still going toe to toe with him.

Ninth rule: keep moving to try to avoid his bone cages. Bone cages
can kill you if you do not have a powerful weapon, such as a
hard-hitting maul, to break out of them. Once the Big Dog has you in
a cage, it only takes a second or two of his lightning attack
playing over your body to kill you.

Tenth rule: when you finally kill him, do a little dance on his
corpse. You've earned it.

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10 29th April 01:40
rich z
External User
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Default How to Kill Diablo?

I just polished off Diablo in Nightmare, SP mode, my first foray as a
Druid. I built an Elemental/Summoner Druid...I have maxed Grizzly and
Fissure e.g. My strategy was to keep Diablo always occupied by the
Grizzly and Ravens, stand far back and cast Fissure on him, recasting
the Grizzly as req'd. I only had to portal back a couple of times for
replenishment before he suc***bed.
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