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1 18th February 02:28
External User
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Default Paedophilia

Get a clue people

The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling
suggestion below or try again using the Dictionary search box to the right.

Suggestions for paedophilia:
1. pedophilia
2. podophylli
3. pedophilias
4. pedophilic
5. pedophiles
6. pedophile
7. pedophiliac
8. podophyllin
9. pedology
10. podophyllins
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2 18th February 02:28
luc the perverse
External User
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Default Paedophilia

Oh no a misspelling has occurred in AGSC!

This may start a chain reaction that will unravel the very fabric of the
space time continuum

Get a clue loser. No one gives a shit


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3 24th February 01:14
the arcane chas
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Default Paedophilia

In article <bfhkj6$6k3$>, but only after serious
contemplation, Adam Smith <> put finger to
keyboard and produced the following;


Unnecessary use of "British" detected. ;-}



"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination".
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