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1 24th February 23:53
melinda kempfer
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Default My Christmas Cactus Question (buy cacti have paper water)

I don't like my plants wrapped - it blocks the air flow through the dirt and
can hurt the roots. I also try never to buy Christmas Cactus that are
blooming. The reason being - even at home when I see a bud I don't dare turn
the plant as the little buds move themselves toward the sun and are so
fragile they snap themselves off. I have several and just water once every
week and try not to let totally dry out (but of course they do). Mine
actually bloom twice a year - they just got done and they'll do it again yet
this year. I don't do anything fancy so actually, I can't believe my luck.


I just recieved two gorgeous Christmas cacti and I noticed that some of the
blooms were looking wilted. You know where the edges of the petals kind of
roll up. Is this because it did not like being moved around or does it
probably need a bit of water? Also is it a bad idea to leave the fancy
florists paper wrap around the pots? I have very little experience with
these although I do know they don't like to be soggy

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2 24th February 23:53
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Default My Christmas Cactus Question (buy have cactus old fish)

I found that moving the plant after it sets buds will cause the buds
to fall off. I'd probably buy a plant in full bloom, just to see what
I'd be getting years away. Some Christmas cactus are particular about
how and when they bloom, and just changing the room or setting the
plant outdoors on the porch for the summer can make a huge difference
at bloom time. They like manure teas, fish emulsion, and other
organic fertilizers. Inadequate quick drainage is one way to kill
them. I have a collection of five kinds, all over 20 years old doing
exceptionally well.
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