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1 9th October 04:53
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Default dry plantings??? (have watering)

hi guys! got to reading bunch of posts. good to see all the names of
the regulars on this NG!
i've been watching H&G and all the landscaping programs and
gardening by the yard, etc... and i am wondering why the
landscapers/gardners are not watering the plants/holes when they plant
them? am i missing something? i thought it was customary to be sure
the root ball was moist and the hole was moist before dropping the
root ball into the ground. the ones i have been watching seem to have
bone dry soil, dig a hole in it, drop the dry root ball/plant in and
firm the dry soil up around it. and no watering!!!???? if i was
totally new to gardening i would follow suit and add no water, but
since i have always watered, i still do it... am i lost in the
love...granny lee.
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2 9th October 14:19
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Default dry plantings??? (have tree watering flower)

Some of these programs are simply display setups -- "here's how this
tree and this flower and this pathway can transform your landscape."
Like cooking shows that have bowls of chopped onion and minced parsley
handy, there are certain operations that may seem to boring to go over
and over again. BBCAmerica's 'Ground Force' almost always shows at
least a sample of properly preparing a planting hole, and thoroughly
watering before and after the plant is inserted. A strictly
'landscaping' presentation may want to spend the time showing 2 more
shrubs rather than precise instruction on planting methods.
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