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1 17th April 14:03
External User
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Default garden pests (have flower)

Every year I see my flower garden eaten by different insects that I have
trouble identifying.
Does anyone know of a good web site that that would have a list of garden
pests and their susceptible plants?
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2 17th April 20:05
pam - gardengal
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Default garden pests (have)

Probably way too many pests and too regional an issue for one website to
include them all. You may have better luck looking up the specific plant -
often websites with cultural info will indicate what pests and diseases that
specific plant is prone to. Or just doing a simple Google search with the
words "x plant, pests" should help you out. Give it try on 'lupines, pests'
and you will turn up any number of websites that will discuss lupine aphids
(those nasty things!).

pam - gardengal
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3 17th April 20:14
External User
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Default garden pests (weed)

Ortho's www has great bug & weed info.........
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4 17th April 20:14
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Default garden pests (buy dead living)

Presented so you'll buy more of their product.

When seeking unbiased information, don't go someplace that has a
commercial motivation to skew the information. And in the case of
gardening, there are many, many good sites created by state and county
extension offices, as well as sites created by hobbyists who do not gain
commercially through their advice. Chemical manufacturers shouldn't be
considered primary sources.

Warren H.

Disclaimer: My views reflect those of myself, and not my
employer, my friends, nor (as she often tells me) my wife.
Any resemblance to the views of anybody living or dead is
coincidental. No animals were hurt in the writing of this
response -- unless you count my dog who desperately wants
to go outside now.
Blatant Plug: Books for your Northwest garden:
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