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1 15th March 02:06
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Default Hosta's in planters? (planters)

Can Hosta's be planted in planters and if so, what types and sizes
work well?

Mike Pratt
mpratt at yahoo dot com
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2 15th March 02:06
vox humana
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Default Hosta's in planters? (planters have sun blue feather)

There is no reason why you can't grow hostas in a planter. They are very
sturdy plants that will grow in full sun to full shade depending on the

The selection would depend largely on the size and location of the planter.
I have a krosa regal hosta that is five feet across and over 3 feet high. I
have a couple of sum and substance nearly as large. I have some very tiny
hostas like feather boa, lemon lime, and Allen P. McConnell that stay quite

As a rule, blue hostas are less sun tolerant than other colors. Also, in
full sun, even the sturdiest hostas will look tired and bleached by the end
of summer.

You have to consider size, sun exposure, growth rate, mature size, leaf
shape, color, texture, and flower color and size.

If you give us more specifics, you will get more specific answers.
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3 15th March 02:07
romy beeck
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Default Hosta's in planters? (planters have pots)

landscaping was done. There coming back this year again. I have some in pots
right now waiting for another project to get done. Just make sure there
watered every other day and you should have no problem. Good luck
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