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1 1st May 18:27
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Default Outing Oneself (have)

From:, also known as
Subject: Re: Outing & DF'ing pest/spammer Jabriol "Jabbering
Missing Link"
Date: 1999/06/06

On 6-Jun-1999, lcs Mixmaster Remailer <>

Well, you have a choice. You can block my e-mail from your
account, ignore
or don't read the news groups anymore. By the way, clean up your
it smell
after awhile. Also you made need to seek profesional help, since
you are
gravely influence
by everything you read. Usenet is not the real world.

I know I would ;-) your point?

wow who ever said I was hidding? Let me help you out here.
My name is Antonio L. Santana Jr.
my Address is: 3072 s.contitution rd Camden nj.

What ever gave you the idea I was trying to hide?

So you who I am, teach me a lesson. After all I do not hide
behind an anon
email like you are doing.

This message was sent via two or more anonymous remailing services.
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