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1 23rd April 02:09
anonymous via the cypherpunks tonga remailer
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Default The cross-posting one man war; a reflection of insanity, however there (have teddy bear)

I've been observing this one man crusade. It really looks like this guy
has gone bonkers. However there is valid reasons for this, and his
behavior in general. The entity known has Carol has been stalking Jw's
for about 10 years. Very nasty persecution on her part, over a long
period of time she has brought down Jabriol home group ARJ-W. A group,
that he claims to have participated in its construction and devlopment.

True or not, it does not matter. Carol has used various harrasment
techniques to removed him from the group, as she has used against other
Jw's. Posting their addresses, phone numbers, KH location, etc. It was
very succesful, many of the Jw's had stop participating in the group, and
as you can see Jabriol had no choice but to leave when a child **** was
inserted last week, it does not matter if it was a drawing of a child
having *** with his teddy bear. It matters that a child was having ***.

Yet Carol seemed the nice person here on RP. If I got Jabriol intention
right, his intent is to make you guys feel the same fustration that the
Jw's felt which eventually made them leave their own news groups. Many of
you Ponder's are feeling the heat. It does not matter if some of you are
using kill files and filters, It took Carol 10 years to bring down ARJW.
It may take Jabriol just as long, or not. Many of you will tire of
adjusting your kill files, some of you are arguing with yourselves and
even killfiling each other. My opinon is that Jabriol intent is working
very well. The man can post in 5 languages, when one group stop
responding he will just alternate to another, and another and another.
He has not started his posting in french yet, lord have mercy on us if he

There is a solution. Create an RFD condeming Carol actions. Demostrate to
Jabriol, that she does not have Rec.pond approval of her harrasment of
Jw's and that you all do not share her opinion that Jabriol is
responsible of raping his daughter. Then even though Carol participate in
your group, do not reply to her comments, no matter how well or good
intended they may be. Dicommodate her. If you show Jabriol, that you do
not approve of her actions in the past nor the present, he may very well
deter his actions against your group.

As I read he has given you a 24 hour period to do something. Dont think
that appealing to Jabriol religion is going to have an effect, If he is
truth mentally ill has carol claim him to be, the Jw's won't do a thing
with him. And those who are lurking are most likely laughing at the whoe
situation. Jabriol is also latino, and he took the offense to the
accusation of his daughter being ****d by him. Jw's won't interfere in
his defending his household neither.

If I were you, I would really consider the RFD against Carol, and most
likly Jabriol won't come back, unless he decide to build a pond in his

If not, create a new group and have it moderated, I would give it about 6
month before it become totally devasted.

Remeber, terrorism does work, after 911, America has not been the same
and it will never recover.

The SaGe
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2 23rd April 02:10
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Default The cross-posting one man war; a reflection of insanity, howeverthere

OK Jabriol !!!!!!!!
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3 23rd April 08:09
reel mckoi
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Default The cross-posting one man war; a reflection of insanity, however there

===================== Another Jabber sock-puppet.

-- McKoi.... the frugal ponder...
~~~ }<((((o> ~~~ }<{{{{o> ~~~ }<(((((o>
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