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1 12th June 16:59
doug kanter
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Default Zone 5 question (buy little night)

You've gotten some good info from other so far. But, something's missing -
any mention of the things you're planting. I'm in Rochester NY, which is
zone 5-6, depending on just how far you are from Lake Ontario, and who you
believe. I'll be planting peas around end of March. It's worked for 20+
years so far because peas will put up with a lot of weather nonsense. No
will many greens, not so much because they're tough plants, but because
they're small. With a little wire fence material (bent into a u-shape over
the rows) and some heavy plastic sheets (from a paint store), you can
protect these things at night, and uncover them during the day.

Brocolli is another that can handle quite a bit of chill, along with collard
greens, cauliflower, kale. Tomatoes - no way.

If you're going to continue gardening, you owe it to yourself to get to a
book store (the kind you walk into, not the online kind), browse books for a
while, and buy one.
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