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1 15th June 06:02
External User
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Default Mushrooms, Australia (have live)

Hi all
I'm curious about starting off with mushrooms. I've googled locally, but
cant find much.
Does anyone have info on setting up or links. I live in Brisbane, but I am
shifting to Northern NSW.

Cheers and thanks

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2 15th June 06:02
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Default Mushrooms, Australia

Do you mean growing mushrooms in the garden or indoors?

I can't imagine a mushroom garden would be very interesting most of the
time. A garden full of log piles, and compost piles, occasionally a few
mushrooms would pop out for a few days or weeks, then it would return to
that pile again. Mushrooms need decaying matter, like compost, logs or piles
of moist leaves. Commercially mushroom compost is mostly a mixture of manure
and straw. Most mushrooms need to be kept in a moist, cool area, out of
direct sunlight. I believe that 70F or about 20c is the upper end of what
they'll tolerate.

Some, like shitake, grow for years inside of logs before they produce any
fruit, unless you grow it in one of those composite logs that are made out
of sawdust and other stuff.

Try some of these sites, although they are based in America.
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3 15th June 08:52
External User
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Default Mushrooms, Australia (have)

Thanks Snooze.
The plan is to have them inside.

Thanks again, cheers, peter
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