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1 30th July 03:53
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Default Here's another one since the crash

On Thursday 29 July 2010 22:20 in alt.os.linux.mandriva, somebody

Are you sure that it is KDE that you're seeing? Is it not some other desktop environment?

That doesn't make sense, because that should not affect your desktop environment.

To use Jim Bear's words, the following is a shot in the dark, but look
for your KDE configuraton directory - typically "~/.kde" or "~/.kde4"
or something - and rename that, like so... (Assuming that
it's "~/.kde")

mv ~/.kde ~/.kde.old

Then log out of your desktop environment and log back in. If it's still
the same, try the following... (Again, assuming the KDE configuration
directory is called "~/.kde", and assuming that your user account
is "dale"...)

sudo cp -R /etc/skel/.kde ~/
sudo chown -R dale:dale ~/.kde

Then, log back into KDE and see what gives. Mind you, this will not
give you your old desktop back. It'll give you the Mandriva default,
so you'll have to start customizing again, and with regard to KDE
application-specific settings - e.g. KMail, KNode, et al - you can copy
back the original files from your copy of the KDE configuration
directory that you've made using the first command I gave you higher

That all said, KDE 4 by default depends on "dbus" and "hald" - and I
believe the latest Gnome versions also require those two to be running,
but I could be wrong about that - so if anything goes wrong with either
of those two, then KDE 4 will not work as desired.

Welcome to UNIX, the operating system design that does exactly what you
tell it to do, not what it might think you're trying to tell it to do.

To be quite honest, I dread all that "dbus" and "hald" stuff, and I
deeply regret that it has become a requirement in KDE 4 and even in
X.Org. (Yes, there are ways for X.Org to run without calling
upon "hald" directly, but it still relies on "dbus", and as I gather,
the latter requires "hald" itself.)

(registered GNU/Linux user #223157)
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