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1 13th April 10:40
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Default Fedora Core 5 Xorg Display Software

Using a 'removable rack' for the 'C' drive (aka
'hda' drive), I have 5 operating systems installed
on my machine by using 5 separate hard drives (one
for each operating system). I am using an nVidia
GeForce FX5200 AGP 8X video card. The monitor is
a Viewsonic A75f. All operating systems are set
to a display resolution of 1280 by 960.

I have adjusted the monitor to have a one-eighth
of an inch black border on the left, top, right,
and bottom and that is what I see when running
either Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP
Professional, Fedora Core 1, or Fedora Core 3.

However, when I run Fedora Core 5, I see a 1-1/4"
black border on the left, 3/8" black border on the
top and bottom, and 7/8" black border on the

I viewed the Xorg configuration file and noted
that the software correctly identified the monitor
but had the wrong value for the vertical frequency
(180 rather than the manufacturer's value of 160).
I edited the file to set the manufacturer's value
but there was no difference in the display after
rebooting. I then commented out a line in the
Xorg config file that specified size and rebooted.
No change.

Is there a 'bug' in the Xorg software in FC5?...
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