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1 9th June 05:30
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Default RHEL 4 vs. Fedora Cora


I'm contemplating installing Linux again, after playing around with
Windows for a couple of years. After looking at several distros I've
deceided to go with a Redhat system.
For a system used for general purpose, and learning *nix security and of
course serve as desktop system at home, which system should I go for?

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2 9th June 15:32
randy yates
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Default RHEL 4 vs. Fedora Cora

Andy <> writes:

I'm using my FC4 as a home, general-purpose OS with some server
abilities (postgresql, svn, ssh, etc.) as well, and I absolutely love
it. It's as if I have control of my computer again.

I've created an account for my wife, who is NOT computer savvy, and
she has no problems logging in, getting her mail (I configured
Thunderbird), surfing the web for recipees, and compiling her own
recipee book (via OpenOffice 2.0's oowriter app).

The down side is that it can take a lot of time to configure when you
need something that isn't in the distro, but for me, the plus far
outweighs the minus.
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3 9th June 15:32
general schvantzkoph
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Default RHEL 4 vs. Fedora Cora

FC4 is the better choice for home users. It's more up to date while still
being a very solid distribution. RHEL is aimed at large corporations who
want an OS that they can use for at least 5 years without having to
upgrade it. FC4 is at the end of it's development cycle so it's in very
good shape, you won't notice any quality differences between the current
version of FC4 and RHEL4 (which is basically FC3). FC5 is coming out in a
week or two but you don't want to use it as your primary OS for at least
three months. You can download it and put it on a spare partition and give
it a try but for now you should stick with FC4.
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