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1 5th February 08:36
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Default Strangeness

I had a strange problem today. It seems to be fixed but I wanted to know
if anyone could shed any light on it...

I'm setting up a server with CentOS (which I'm new to) and started by
configuring it with ssh. I set up a vnc server and directed it towards
gnome as a window manager. I did this yesterday and today, when i tried
to access it, it didn't work (was fine yesterday).

The only login that worked was as root for ssh and I couldn't access it
via vnc at all.

I figured out iptables had somehow reset itself to a minimal config so
opened the relevant ports for vnc and eventually managed to access it
with vnc as root (after setting up root vnc access). It still didn't
work with my usual logon and I was a bit stumped as to why. Ran nmap
against it to see what ports where open but didn't do much else. 2 hours
later everything seemed to be working again.

The lack of access issue is fixed but I have no idea why or how this

Any ideas about this strange resetting of iptables or why the time delay
in it fixing itself?

Many thanks if you can!
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