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1 11th July 06:44
External User
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Default IceWM 1.2.13

Has anyone been able to get IceWm sucessfully compiled and installed on
Slackware 9.1, I have ./configured, used make and make install and edited the
Xsession file and still been unsuccessful. The files exist on the PC but
getting it working and started has been difficult. If anyone has any links that
can complete the install could you please direct me to it...Thanks in advance.

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2 11th July 06:44
realto margarino
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Default IceWM 1.2.13

I think you have to manually create a .icewm directory in ~/. You
don't have to put anything in it but the installation program
doesn't create it and you need it.

Try that. I am using icewm 1.2.13 right now and I remember there was a trick...
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3 11th July 14:50
External User
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Default IceWM 1.2.13

I just recently built and pseudo-packaged icewm-1.2.14pre13. What
that means is I haven't settled on how I'm going to handle the final
package. But it's close enough for me to play with... Icewm taint so
bad a WM either.

If you plan on using the xwmconfig/startx method, I'd suggest you
follow in the same vein as Windowmaker. That is, copy or cat
/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.wmaker to xinitrc.icewm. Actually, any of
those xinitrc files will do. Icewm should now be visible as a choice
for xwmconfig.

Modify the new xinitrc.icewm and add something similar to this
towards the bottom. Since I'm still playing/testing with it, you'll
have to clean things up yourself, but it should give you a few
ideas. Works on my end.

Beware line wrap:

## If the user lacks $HOME/.icewm, then install it and any prefs
## or extra directories:
## TODO: Spiffy this up a bit. In case you forget, building icecc
## as external package might be a nice touch.
#if [ ! -d $HOME/.icewm ]; then
# mkdir -p $HOME/.icewm/{sounds,themes,icons/menuitems}
# cp /usr/share/icewm/{keys,menu,preferences,toolbar,
# winoptions} $HOME/.icewm
## Start the sound system (if any). Optional.
## TODO: *MUST* we have sound?. Doesn't work quite right either.
## startup and shutdown wavs missing, but esd says they're there.
## Don;t forget to put a icesound.txt in the package docs dir.
## Why does icesound and OSS sound support really ****?
#if [ -e /usr/bin/esd ] && [ -e /usr/bin/icesound ]; then
# esd -d /dev/dsp &
# icesound -i ESD &
### sleep 1 #(just in case)
## Start the Ice Window Manager
#exec /usr/bin/icewm-session

Good luck,


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4 12th July 17:27
External User
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Default IceWM 1.2.13

Thank you, both replies helped, once I got passed a permissions issue on
the .icewm folder and copied the toolbar, preferences and menu files into
the folder everything started to take shape.
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