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ng FAQ # 46: read before posting! (posted 2004-1-19) - Mombu the GNU Linux Forum
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1 29th April 00:23
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Default ng FAQ # 46: read before posting! (posted 2004-1-19)

This is the periodic posting of one of the new reader questions of the
alt.os.linux.slackware FAQ-O-Matic. The full FAQ is available at for your convenience.

If you are a new reader of the newsgroup, you are strongly encouraged
to read this entire do***ent and the full FAQ before posting.

Posting guidelines for alt.os.linux.slackware

* Google has a simple intro to newsgroups:

READ this page first before posting a question:

Make sure you are posting your question in the right newsgroup.

Be clear about your problem.

Be polite.

Be specific about your problem: it's not "My mouse doesn't work", but
"My PS/2 mouse doesn't work in X. Here is my error log:"

Make sure you mention what version of slackware, kernel and the package
are, that you are having trouble with (i.e. Slackware 8.0 kernel 2.4.9
kdevelop 2.0).

Make sure you give relevant info about the hardware in your box if you
are having a hardware problem.

Post any relevant error information and logs, but don't post binaries or
attachments of any kind.

Make sure you have read up on the relevant do***entation for your
problem. Mention the do***entation you have read in your post.

If you don't provide the neccesary info then you may get a reply saying
what kernel? etc etc. Which you will in turn have to answer to get
further answers.

DON'T post binaries. Text files only!
DON'T ask for answers to go to your email. All answers go into the
DON'T post in HTML.
Crosspost only to appropriate newsgroups and only when necessary. (If
you need to ask, it's not necessary, so don't crosspost.)
DON'T top-post, unless you know why you're doing so. (If you need to
ask, you don't know why, so don't top-post.)

If you are having trouble understanding some do***entation, SAY SO.

Read all answers to your post. Wait for at least two days to receive an
answer, more if it's the weekend for replies.

If someone refers you to specific do***entation, READ IT before
If you don't know what someone is talking about reply to them and ASK
If people are posting conflicting answers ASK them WHY.
If someone asks you a question try to answer it. If you can't answer it
tell them WHY.
If nobody replies, try reposting again using different wording and maybe
add some more info. Or try reposting in another newsgroup more related
to your problem.

*** If a reply solves your problem say thank you! ***

Also say if and how you have fixed your problem as this stops people
from continuing to try and answer a question that has already been
answered and makes the solution available to anyone searching the group
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