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1 1st March 16:09
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Default SuSE 9 Q- IRQ Conflict?

I recently installed SuSE 9 as a third OS (along w/RH9 and
XP)...everthing works great 'except' the do
this I had to add a PCI adapter card that would allow me to expand my
IDE channels (from 4 channels to 8)...during POST I noticed that the PCI
card is listed as a Mass Storage Device occupying IRQ 5, which is the
same IRQ that my onboard MB LAN is assigned. I have been trying static
IP address that XP and RH9 uses (along w/subnet mask and gateway) and I
have tried DHCP..still no connection to the www. I have ran ifconfig up
and down...I've tried to ping various address' luck.

IDE 0 = Master XP
IDE 0 = Secondary RH9

IDE 1 = Master CDRW
IDE 1 = Secondary CDROM

PCI card = IDE 2 = Master SuSE
IDE 2 = Secondary 'empty'
IDE 3 = both 'empty'

the module tulip is loaded and startup of Suse shows the loopback and
eth0 as being configured "done"...I'm running out of ideas here...what
else do I need (ie...modules/process')? Is there a IRQ conflict which is
not allowing me to the www?...Thoughts....please!

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