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1 7th May 22:18
dave cohen
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Default I see two partitions

I'm getting to love linux. A complete system you install and if you've
never used it before about which you will know nothing. Of course with the
gui you can do those things you can see what to do with. Slowly things get
absorbed and like being born and growing up, you will eventually acquire
enough to get around and drag the ones following in you footsteps along
behind you. I mean how would I have ever known there was such a thing as
gconf-editor. How would I have known how to use dd to make a floppy image
so I could test making a bootable cd using kd3 (no man dd doesn't quite
explain it). Well, at least there is gogle and yes my test cd did boot.
Now I think of it, editing the windows registry isn't exactly intuitive
Dave Cohen
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