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1 8th September 08:32
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Default Partitions - GRUB

I installed Vista 20 GB, deleting the whole harddisk using the partitioner
in Vista first. Then I installed Ubuntu 6.10 using up the rest of my HD
(80 Gb.) and dualboot works perfectly. My PC is a HP zv6000 with 2 Gb.
RAM, a lousy ATI onboard and a troublesome Broadcom Wifi.

GParted reports two partitions with unallocated space with size og 1 and
1.8 MB (not GB). What are these partitions? I use Flash (the only reason
for using Vista) and I know Flash do something on the HD to keep track of
the 31 day trial period. Could there be a connection here?

1) What are the unallocated partitions?
2) What to expect from GRUB/MBR after reinstalling Vista on the existing
ntfs-partition when Flash 31 days trial is over and I have to start a new
one? Afraid to try. My Ubuntu may disappear.

1 and 2, please.


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have nice music all the day long...
- Using Opera i have FlashPlayer9, websurf, mail, news .. all in one. I
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2 8th September 13:14
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Default Partitions - GRUB

I would guess that re-installing Vista will re-write the mbr and waste
your grub config.
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