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1 6th September 11:27
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Default Pioneer xv-dv55 - no more 5.1!!

Ok here is a strange problem.

I am a very satisfied owner of a pioneer xv-dv55 home theater system.
Bought it about 2 years ago. Superb sound quality - up until yesterday.

- All the DSP options (Hall, etc) are gone. Only option for DSP is 'DSP
- Plays movies in all the allowed modes (dts, dolby 5.1) but outputs them
in stereo mode
- I can perform a 'Test Tone' and all the 6 speakers will emit their tone
successfully, so the player is still able to send signal separately to
all of them
- Impossible to move either bass or treble to more or less than 0 (zero)
- Problem is not with the remote; the commands are recognized, but my
options are reduced!

So, DTS is gone and Dolby 5.1 too. Plus, impossible to get DSP effects or
virtual surround when watching tv. I am reduced to left, right, and a
little bass from the subwoofer.

What did I do recently?
- Started burning movies I own to dvds from my computer. Tried 'XMen2'
with DVDFAB, which split it in two. Selected only dts. Played perfectly
well. Then, burned LOTR two towers, in 4 parts, with all the options -
worked perfectly as well. Played about 5 copied movies. Then the above
symptoms appeared.

My Guess:
- I am punished by the dvd player for having played copied dvds with it

I tried resetting it as stated in the owners manual (push stop button,
turn it on, release stop button) but it did not solve the problem.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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2 6th September 11:28
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Default Pioneer xv-dv55 - no more 5.1!!

No Idea...

I forward your message to as well.

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3 8th September 03:42
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Default Pioneer xv-dv55 - no more 5.1!!

"SL" <> schreef in bericht
news:Xns945DD882CA073agilerootkillerhotma@207.35.1 77.135...


probably your XV-DV55 is from one of the first batches.
You can check by the serial number, if it is below UL******, in some rare
cases these may loose their stored data
and reset to use for a non-DSP model, so you can not get access to these
functions anymore.
Have the unit fixed at an official Pioneer servicecenter. They will replace
the chip for a more recent version or add a small pcb to solve this problem.


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