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1 19th June 03:03
just d.
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Default Progressive scan


Especially those who have camcorders able to make movies in progressive scan
mode. A simple question - do you always shoot in this mode to get advantages
from your camcorder or sometimes you have to make movies in interlaced mode?
What's the difference, purposes etc.? Afaik, not all devices are supporting
this mode yet. So if you're going to watch this movie on PC it's fine, but
if you write DVD for some unknown device then you need to select to take a
risk and write in progressive scan or make an old-fashioned interlaced
movie? What are the rules to select which mode do you really need and should

I found in a web comparison that some studios are not having this
progressive scan like Vegas Movie Studio 4, but some are having like Vegas
5. That's a great difference!

So, any advice would be appreciated. Let's start a new thread and speak
about it for awhile.

It seems to me that I want Vegas 5 more and more...)

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2 20th June 00:58
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Default Progressive scan

A simple rule would be:

If the intended playback equipment is using interlace mode (e.g. a
household TV), then you should shoot in interlace mode.

If the intended playback equipment is non-interlace/progressive (e.g.
computer screens, film transfer), interlace will do you no good, and you
should shoot in progressive.(If available)

An exeception:
There is a very specific case where you shoot interlaced, and play back
on computer screens. For sports ****ysis you can deinterlace and get 50
(PAL) deinterlaced frames/second.

/Johan S
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