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1 11th July 15:07 (dominic
External User
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Default Apollo LCD Projector AVP-300 HELP!!!!


My name is Dominic Sobieralski and I have in my
possession one Apollo LCD Projector Model # AVP-300. I originally
phoned Apollo Display's East Coast office and was told that it wasn't
the same Apollo. However, clearly marked on the back of the unit is
the offices city, state and zip code. I would only have to assume that
it is a discontinued item and possibly from the early to mid 90's) Any
information on this unit is unbelieveably NOT on the internet. I have
nicknamed it a "ghost machine". I purchased this unit on Ebay and it
came with no specs, no service namual, or user manual. I am trying to
clear up this mystery. What is this unit? It
is my understanding that it is a LCD projector with A/V sockets in the
back of it Any information on this unit (a service manual and/or user
manual would be gladly paid for) and just information as far as the
Lumens, max resolution, etc. (basic review information) would be
GREATLY appreciated. It may be referred to as a Showpro avp-300. I
have exhausted all known resouces by me of the internet!!!! Please
help if you can PLEASE..Please send any information to :
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2 11th July 15:08
r benner
External User
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Default Apollo LCD Projector AVP-300 HELP!!!!

Apollo Audio Visual
60 Trade Zone Court
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Phone: (516) 467-8033
LCD Panels for PC and Mac computers (projection hardware)
ShowPro AVP-300 video
ShowPro AVP-400 video
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3 4th August 16:43 (dominic
External User
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Default Apollo LCD Projector AVP-300 HELP!!!!

Apollo is no longer at that address nor has it been at that address
for some time... Here is the information that I got from the ead
office NO LONGER located in NY:

Thank you for your inquiry. Apollo was located in New York, but merged
with ACCO Brands about three years ago so the headquarters moved to
Illinois. The LCD projector was discontinued many years ago. Parts
replacement, technical support and pricing is available by contacting
AVTS at 800-476-8226, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any further

ACCO North America manufactures and markets such category-leading
as ACCO(r), Apollo, Boone, Day-Timer(r), Kensington(r), Swingline(r),
Wilson Jones(r), MACO(r) and Perma(r). ACCO North America is part of
Fortune Brands, Inc. (NYSE-FO), the consumer products company.

I was connected to the tech dept by pressing 1 in the automated menu.
Once connected with the tech guy, I explained that I was looking for a
spec sheet, users guide and or service m**** for the Apollo Avp-300
and he said that he normally doesn't do this (whatever!?) but that he
will look it up and get any information on the uni that he can and
give me a telephone call next week. Oce I have the information I will
post it (excluding copyrighted materials) in this thread, along with
dedicating a website to it so that other Apollo owners can have a
or any Specs for the avp-300 or 400 you are GREATLY encouraged to post
it or email any information to so that it can be
placed on a website under construction. So, look in those attic's,
ba*****ts, garages and studies and PLEASE post any information you
find... Manufacturer Date, Lumens, Max Resoultion, Max Screen Size,
Bulb Life, ETC.... Any information at all..... Just make sure that the
information is FACT... Please no guessing as this information will be
used by other Apollo avp owners and will be an invaluable source for
them ( so I must keep the intergrity of the information to FACT, no
assumptions, or "I think's".

Thanks and I hope this helps out anyone that has ran into the same
DEAD ENDS as I have. I will try and keep this thread updated with te
information that I get, and eventually with a URL to a AVP owner's

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4 4th August 16:44 (dominic
External User
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Default Apollo LCD Projector AVP-300 HELP!!!!

Well, after getting the run around from Apollo, they finally let me
know that they have ABSOLUTELY NO informaion or do***entation on the
avp-300/400 series machines, and pretty much told me that I was sh$t
outta luck. So, I am left to wait for some kind Apollo owner to read
this post and post any technical data that they have in ther

What A Bummer,

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5 5th August 10:03 (erik
External User
Posts: 1
Default Apollo LCD Projector AVP-300 HELP!!!!

what's so hard about a projector? Can't you stop crying out loud?
Can't you find the power switch? It usually says: "POWER". I've had
this fine Sony 1251 for many years and never had or needed either the
service or user manual.

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6 5th August 19:18 (dominic
External User
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Default Apollo LCD Projector AVP-300 HELP!!!!

First of all I never said that there was anything "hard" about
flipping a power switch. What I was more interested in is a service
manual in case this unit is in need of repair. This thread has
nothing to do with your opinion of my intellect, rather it has to do
with the facts on a certain unit. I am sure that I am not the only
Apollo Projector owner and am even more sure that I am not the only
Apollo projector owner in need of a service manual. My advice to you
would be to only post responses if you have any information pertaining
to the subject of the post. You, my friend, had no information that
even remotely pertains to the subject at hand. I would appreciate it
if you didn't bother with a response, as other Apollo owners looking
for information will be misled by your useless posts.

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7 5th August 19:19 (dominic
External User
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Default Apollo LCD Projector AVP-300 HELP!!!!

After using my Voltometer and dissecting the lcd projector I was able
to get it not only to power on and the bulb to light, but for a
picture to come through... Here is my next question.. When I have it
in focus I see a bunch of Blue yellow and red squares (pixels) all
over the image. Is there a way that you can converge the picture ( I
have a projection TV and it has a convergance feature that lets you
fine tune it). Or is this just the way that LCD projectors work? Is
it an issue that my local electronics repair store can take care of (
if it indeed can be converged)...

Thanks, any info at all would be appreciated... This unit has a crisp
picture aside from the pixels that make it look as if I am watching TV
through a screen (LOL)
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