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1 30th March 08:49 (r
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Default Does anyone need something taped from the Boomerang channel ???

I have a proposition for you, but first let me give some background.
Currently we have dish network. To get the Boomerang channel you have
to have the 150 package. The 150 package costs $9.00 a month more
than the 100 package. Since my wife and I are busy with a 3-year old,
we don't have time to watch any of the extra channels that the 150
package provides, except Boomerang, and that is only for me. My wife
doesn't like the fact that we are essentially paying $9.00 a month for
one channel. I am trying to record some of my favorite 60's cartoons,
but I need more time.

So, here is what I propose, if one or two people out there would be
willing to send me 2 or 3 dollars a month, I will tape anything you
want until we get what you want. I am currently capturing to my PC
and creating VCD's so if you wanted VHS, I could record yours to VHS
while I am capturing

The first month I would be willing to record/capture for you, send the
tapes and then you pay me. This would be to show I can be trusted and
that I wouldn't take your money and you never hear from me again.
After the first month, I would like you to pay me up front.

I would also ask that you send me the tapes/CDs and also the cost of
shipping back to you. There are two reasons for this, if you send me
the tapes/CDs, it will insure that we are using media that is to your
liking. Also, if I pay for tapes, CDs, and shipping, I am defeating
my purpose.

Let me also state that I am not looking to make a profit here. I
would send the tapes/CDs back to you the cheapest way possible and
refund you any extra that you had sent. My wife is a big ebayer and
she weighs everything she sells to insure that the proper shipping is
applied to her sales before she ships them. The packages can be
weighed before I go to the post office to get the exact cost to you.

In summary, here is what it would cost you, 2-3 dollars a month, cost
of tapes/CDs. cost to mail them to me and back to you. I will record
in SP or EP whichever you prefer or capture to VCD.

If this sounds good to you just write to me and we can talk more.

You can write me at the following email:

For the newbies, just take out both NOSPAM and you will have my valid
email address.
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