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1 25th March 06:27
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Default Easy mpg2 Capture program for girlfriend?

Hi all

I am in NZ , my gf is in the US. We got her a capture card, ATI AIW, but the
Sonic software is crapola as I captured and made a DVD over there at best
settings and not happy with it.

She wants to convert kids VHS tapes to DVD. The PVR softare with my GF 4600
VIVO is great, but that will only install on a Leadtek GF card.

I am looking for a non-complex program for capture to mpg2. I dont want to
use a all-in-one as we will put the mpg2 files into DVD author.

As she is there and I am here, can anyone advise on a solid capture to mpg2

Thanks to all
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2 25th March 06:27
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Default Easy mpg2 Capture program for girlfriend?

I am afraid that most of the VIVO cards are simply not good enough for
VHS/SVHS ****og tape to DVD, you are asking the VIVO to do too much that it
not do it, VIVO are not design to actually converting ****og video signal
into either DV
or Mpeg2, the VIVO card will most often work at really low resolution
and only capturing for a very short spell of time say less than 10 minutes
and at high
resolution VIVO cards will have audio sync problem. I have gone through the
same route
before. So my advice to you is to buy either a hardware based digital ****og
such as canopus ADVC-55/100, this will convert you ****og tape into DV
format on your
pc and then edit and trancode it using cinema craft encoder to trancode the
AVI file to Mpeg2 and then use either DVD-lab to author the end product,
another alternative
will be expensive is to get Mpeg2 capture card cheapest one around in
Australia is around
$300 ( not sure about the result of that card). Digitising ****og video to
either DV or
Mpeg2 draw a lot of computing power of your pc and over the time cpu simply
can't keep up
with the task. So the answer to your question is not there is no software
solution to
your problem you need to buy other piece of hardware to convert you VHS. The
route I have
taken to do that is to use canopus advc55, capture my video via Adobe
Premiere, edit via adobe
premiere, ( I have also use ULead DVDworkshop to capture my video) and then
trancode with CCE
and author the DVD using Adobe DVD Encore or DVD Lab.
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3 25th March 06:27
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Default Easy mpg2 Capture program for girlfriend?

I had a Video card with TIVO and capturing was somewhat of a pain..My
Grandson purchased a Plextor ConvertX 402U box for me that uses
hardware capture thru the USB2 port..It comes with easy to use
software and editing & burning program and I have made so far 13 DVD's
from VHS tapes very easily..All you would need extra is a DVD
burner..I love mine..Goodluck...jolphil
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