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1 29th July 15:25
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Default L fgren's paper on cartridge alignment/tone ar

This is apparently true as far as it goes. But one must take into
consideration the fact that most people don't wash any one record all that
often. I doubt seriously if one or two washings with alcohol-based cleaners
over the life of a record will harm it.

If you want the very best record cleaning possible, go to Old Colony Sound's

and order Reg Williamson's record cleaning kit. This is essentially the same
system that Audio Empire used to sell back in the seventies. One spreads a
film of a thick goo all over one's record and then let's it dry. This water
soluble substance gets down into the bottom of the grooves where it
solidifies AROUND all of the detritus in the groove. One then takes a piece
of scotch tape and adheres it to the dried goo from near the label to the
outside edge of the record. With the tape firmly adhered to the dried goo
coating, one merely lifts the tape and a thin, clear film 'negative' of the
record peels off, taking ALL the dirt, oils, fingerprints dust, mold release
agents left over for manufacturing, everything off the record leaving it
pristine. Its the best record cleaning system EVER devised, It has nothing in
it to harm the vinyl, and does an even better job than the expensive VPI
vacuuming systems. It's only $20 for the starter system and refills are $5.

This too is true. the contact between the stylus and the groove at any given
point is fleeting, but the forces exerted at the actual contact point are
enormous and the temperature can momentarily approach that of melting the
vinyl. This stretches the groove. Now, given time, the plastic "memory"
nature of the vinyl will cause it to re-form its original molded shape, but
without this "rest" the vinyl can be permanently deformed. This reduces
high-frequency content and increases noise and distortion.
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