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1 15th March 12:30
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Default Questions for those good FTA knowledge.

Is getting FTA still possible provided you're using the correct
satellite dishes and have it aligned properly?

When I thought about using FTA quite a whilte ago, I read and heard
about how the satellite broadcast companies were going to introduce a
different type of card/encryption to use in their signals and their
receivers which would render the FTA sat dishes useless and would most
likely put and end to the use of FTA. So, I didn't bother looking
more into it after that.

But has any of that come true? I read something about Bev channels
being switched to N3 and therefore nobody was getting them through FTA
a little while ago and TBH, I don't know what N3 exactly is and why
it's preventing Bev channels being accessed through FTA.

And what's "charlie"? dn? DiK?

If someone could point me to a few resources to read up on this
material so I can better inform myself, I'd really appreciate it.
Yes, I did Google, but most of the searches point to forums and the
FAQ and Newbie sections of those forums aren't too beginner friendly.
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2 15th March 12:30
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Default Questions for those good FTA knowledge. (receiver tv)

I came across references to Charlie and Bev and I guessed they must be satellites.

I've been trying to find info for about a week and all I can come up with is
"free forums" that if you pay them money they will let you download files
but nobody seems to have any interest in explaining anything about FTA.
None of the information is available on any of the forums I visited without
paying for a "subscription" including the newbies FAQs.

What got me interested was a link that took me to White Springs' web site.
They are a FTA channel that shows old movies without commercials. Sounds
like my kind of channel. But I have no clue as to what kind of equipment I
need or if I have to pay someone for updated BIN files. As far as I can
tell, in order to get free satellite TV, you have to pay *someone.* And you
must have a computer with USB, a removable USB storage device, and internet
connection, and a receiver with USB. Makes Dish Network seem cheap. They
have six Encore movie channels for about $11 or five Cinemax channels for
about $17.

Here's an old post I came across that seems like it may answer at least part
of your question:

So far I can't find any explanations about anything anyone is talking about.
I rather get the impression that FTA has been moments away from collapse for
some time but keeps going.
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3 15th March 12:30
External User
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Default Questions for those good FTA knowledge.

BTW I asked many of the same questions you asked on
and so far got no response.
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4 15th March 12:30
External User
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Default Questions for those good FTA knowledge.

OK, thanks for the link. I'll check it out. And thanks for your
reply as well. If I come across anything informative or useful, I'll
report back.
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5 18th May 20:16
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Default Questions for those good FTA knowledge. (receiver)

for more infro just do a search on FTA or "free to air" and start reading

If you have a dish with the correct LNBs you can still watch 1000+
channels (many are duplicates but still 400-500 good channels) Something
like a "Dish 500" dish can be found for free in many areas that are just
laying in peoples storage area or still mounted on the house and not
being used. They can also be purchased for less than $50. Once aimed
correctly they will pick up signals from sat 110 and 119 (by far the
most popular in the US) If you want High Def TY then buying a new 1000.2
dish will give you a lot of HD signals and all the SD signals from Sats
110- 119 and 129 (most of the HD channels are on 129) These will be ALL
the programing offered by Dish Network including your local channels.
(pay for view- HBO- Showtime -Starz **** and everything else including
$59.95 fights and such) Recently they have started to "spot" beam locals
so if you are in Atlanta you will not get locals in Las Vegas. Once you
have you dish aimed correctly you will need a receiver for each TV and a
seperate cable run from the dish to each receiver. The 1000.2 will
support 4 TVs and the Dish 500 quad will support 4 also or the Dish 500
dual will support 2 ( all Dish 500 dishes have 2 LNBs but not all will
support 4 TVs. The most popular brand receiver is Viewsat and for good
reason - they give good support. What that means is when they change
emu's Viewsat is almost always one of the 1st to post a "fix" (new
software) that will have you watching TV again (usually 2-6 hours). You
can edit (delete) channels and parental block and some model will record
shows to an external hard drive although the process is FAR from being
TIVO - it will work. As with all new electronics there is a learning
curve but many sites have forums that will lead you thur most of it.
Read the "stickys" on these forums- THEY ARE A TREMENDOUS HELP. Once you
aim the dish properly - the rest is easy. Loading a new "fix" is no
more difficult that downloading a file - unzipping it and installing a
new program on your computer. Do not be "scammed" into paying a site
for the "fixes" -- they are FREE on MANY sites and all get them at about
the same time (some download a little slow when new fixes come out)

additional comments
there is no need for cards any more
**** = Direct TV
Charlie = Dish Network
Bev = Bel Vu (I think thats correct - in any event that is Canada's Dish

N3 = Nagra3 and has replaced Nagra2 in Canada (Bev) and there has been
no "fix" posted to break that encryption. Dish Network is soon going to
switch to Nagra3 and may well end looking at their programming but I
dont think that will last long. There are all kind of rumors about this
and most are jjust THAT _ rumors. Was coming in Nov then Dec then Jan
now March -- who knows, but it is coming. My personal opinion is - that
there is already a fix but they will wait until Dish completes the
switch to Nagra3 in the US before the fix is released. There you go - I
have just added to the rumor and you should put no more faith in my
prediction than any thing else you read on this subject

This much I can tell you - if you choose to do this and there is a fix
for Nagra3 you will be extremely happy with your viewing choices. You
will be sorry that you did not do it long ago and everyday that you look
in your mailbox you will be sad to find no bill there. Figure what you
spend for cable or satellite TV and then compute your cost and figure
out how long to get your money back and then decide - DONT FIGURE IN ALL
THE EXTRA CHOICES YOU GET. Invite you friends over to watch a $50 fight
- tell them to bring beeer you will cover the cost of the fight

Sites -- very good site (best viewsat site on the net) with
very good answers for your question but be sure and read a lot 1st. You
might even find one of my old "stickys" still posted under newbies

if I can be of help - email me (if you cant figure out my address maybe
you should not do FTA - it will require a little work and some brains) I
will usually ask for you phone # or give you mine since my typing is so
bad. I do not sell anything or charge for my help (you might get what
you pay for) -- it is just a hobby for me and I need something to do
since selling most of my business interest - Yes I am old for this hobby
but I do have some limited knowledge in several areas of technology

Although you might should wait to see if they solve Nagra3 before
purchasing equipment unless you want to start learning before moving
away from your present provider. If you can find a cheap dish 500 ($5
or free)(direct TV dishes are too hard to convert and no converting with
a dish 500 dish) and start with a std signal receiver like the Viewsat
Ultra ($120 or under if you look hard) and some RG6 cable. You can give
it a try and see what we are talking about
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6 18th May 20:16
warren oates
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Default Questions for those good FTA knowledge.

Bell ExpressVu. Canada also has Star Choice. But take a look around here
(it's a commercial site, but the info is valid):

and note that FTA doesn't necessarily mean "testing" (using the
euphemism). There are lots of unencrypted interesting signals you can
pick up without skirting any laws or spending your life looking for an
angry fix.
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7 18th May 20:16
External User
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Default Questions for those good FTA knowledge. (receiver)

Thanks for all the information. There's more in your post than I could find
after several days of searching online.

I have a Dish 500 with two LNBs pointed at 110 and 119 already and I think
my cable is RG6 so it sounds like all I need is the receiver.
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8 18th May 20:16
External User
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Default Questions for those good FTA knowledge. (receiver)

You have what you need plus the receiver - you will need to load the
latest file (fix) and then scan sats 110 and 119 and then watch TV - If
your dish is aimed properly - after hooking up your cables you should be
watching TV in under 30 minutes. if you had set up a few times you
would be watching TV in about 10 minutes. Read the sticky's for
directions about scanning sats and/or loading files. (do not do a blind
scan) It will take you a good while to figure out where all the channels
are but the electronic program guides and other features (like selecting
"movies" to see a list of all the movies or select "sports" to see a
list of all sports on at that time)

locals can be set to local channel #s

105 to 139 misc channels like USA TNT LMN SCI-FI CLASSIC -GAME HISTORY ECT

140 TO 158 SPORTS including ESPN _ Espn2 ESPN classic NFL - Fishin and

170 to 190 Kids and cartoons

200 -215 news FOX CNBC CNN Blumberg weather -ect

220 to 299 mostly crap but a few channels worth watching

300 to 360 HBO Showtime Starz Encore and some more

380 -399 ****

400 -500 some more crap and a bunch of temp channels where the special
buy programs are shown like fights or concerts

500 -550 pay for view movies (on all the time

somehwere there are NHL and NBA channels for each game but I always
delete those 401 is golf

there were a lot of locals in some of these areas but most of them are
gone now with the new spot beams

the 4 digit channels are mostly HD and some dups of SD signals and some
test channels that contain some good stuff from time to time

all the channel infro above is approx and from a bad memory

My last scan produced 1065 channels but that would be much lower now
since many local channels never show up due to new "spot beams". I
usually edit my channels down to about 400 to 425. I have High Def
receivers so I will get more channels. You should expect 400-600
channels. I have a couple of old SD receivers that I should hook up in
my guest rooms and see what they get now
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9 18th May 20:16
External User
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Default Questions for those good FTA knowledge.

[snipped awesome reply]
Hey DT, thanks so much for your detailed reply. I really appreciate
it. I'm going to print it out for some bedtime reading. LOL. Thanks
again for your time and courtesy.
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10 18th May 20:16
External User
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Default Questions for those good FTA knowledge.

Cool, cool, that's good to know and thanks for the link!
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