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1 4th May 11:21
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Default TV Out Quality 8500LE (receiver television)

Hi all:

I have connected my ATI Radeon 8500LE Video Card's S-Video to the S-Video
input on my television receiver. I use Windows Media Player for avi and mpg
files and ULeads DVD Player for DVD files. The video plays through the TV


The quality of the TV picture fed from the 8500LE doesn't come anywhere near
the quality of a DVD I burn from the file, and play on my set-top DVD
player. The resolution of the computer fed video appears to be quite low,
and strangley, it appears as if you are viewing the video through a 'dirty'
window or a sheet of cheesecloth!

My question is first of all, am I expecting too much from the card? Is it
possible to attain DVD quality when sending video from the computer? If so,
what might I be doing incorrectly that results in a low quality video image?

My frustration is increased when, after months of experimentation, I am
finally able to capture from my Satellite feed to my HD, edit out
commercials and burn a DVD with the quality level nearing 100% of the
source. It would be really nice to play them from the HD with the same

I would be much appreciative of any and all comments.

Kindest regards,

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2 4th May 11:21
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Default TV Out Quality 8500LE (tv)

2 things:
Make sure that under "overlay" properties, you have enabled "enable theater
Second, check within "display" page, and see that your tv is properly
configured. I.e pal or ntsc. you can also adjust contrast and anti-flicker
with that.

Second, make sure that you use 1024*768 or 800*600 res at 85Hz or 100Hz. Use
SVIDEO connection cable to your tv (that's with yellow plugs).

Try using Media player classis, MPC, it gives more controll over the video
filters used, and thus adjust post-filtering levels accordingly.
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