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1 13th August 11:19
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Default USED AUDIO FOR SALE... (receiver)

We have been offering used audio on this group for over 10 years. Thanks to my
many friends and customers. For Images and descriptions of any item below
please visit:


Sansui 7070 Receiver, $149 (SOLD)
Yamaha RX-830 Surround Receiver, $129
Pioneer SX-750 Receiver, $119
Pioneer SX-3500 Silver Face Receiver, $99
KLH System 20 Phono, FM Receiver, $99
Pioneer SX-3400 Receiver, $89
Sansui 3900Z Receiver $89
Onkyo TX-25 (silver) Integra Receiver, $89
Technics SA-423 ****og/Digital Receiver, $79
Kenwood KR-3090 Receiver, $79
Realistic STA-100 Receiver, $69
Vector Research VR-2500 Receiver, $69
Sansui R-30 Receiver, only $69
Pioneer SX-1000TW Receiver, $59
Technics SA-111 Receiver, $45
Optonica SM-1414 Integrated Amp, $59
Hafler DH-101 Preamp, $149


DCM Time Frame TF-350 Speakers, $329 pr.
Acoustic Research AR-94s Speakers, $179 pr.
DCM Time Frame TF-250 Speakers, $179 pr.
BOSE 501 Speakers, new woofer foam, $179 pr.
Avid Model 102 Speakers, $159 pr
Magnavox S-8765 Speakers (these look like poor-man Klipsh Heresy's)$149pr.
EPI A120 10" 2-way Speakers, $149 pr.
Cerwin Vega D-2 Digital Series Speakers, $129pr.
BOSE 301 Series I Speakers, $129pr.
AR TSW210 8" Walnut Speaker System, $129 pr.
JBL L-19 Speakers, $129 pr.
Acoustic Research AR-28B Speakers, $99 pr.
EPI 70C Speakers, $89pr.
KLH Model 20 and Model 17 Single Speaker, $69each
Baby Advent Series II Speakers, $99 pr.
Single AVID 230 Speaker, $89
Dynaco A-20XL Speakers, $89 pr.
Pinnacle PN-5+ Speakers, $59pr.
Optimus PRO-LS2 Center Channel Speaker, $35
Electrovoice ETR-14 Speakers, $69pr



Pioneer F-9 Highly Regarded Tuner, $149
Harman Kardon TU905 AM/FM Tuner, $69
Pioneer TX-6500II Tuner, $69
Optonica ST-1414 Tuner, $39
Mitsubishi DA-F55 Digital Tuner, $39
Kenwood KT-59 Digital Tuner, $29
Kenwood KT-30 Tuner, $29
Pioneer TX-130 Tuner, $25


TEAC EQA-20 Equalizer with Spectrum Display, $59
Technics SH-8020 Equalizer, $39
Pioneer SG-X700 7-band Graphic Equalizer, only $29
JVC 7-band Equalizer, $29
Canon MS-10 Multichannel TV Sound Adaptor, $29

*** Marantz WC-5 Cabinet - New in Box! ***
This cabinet measures 16 3/4"w x 12 1/2d x 5 1/8"h. The component faceplate
would measure 16"w x 4 1/4"h. This should fit the Model 26 Marantz receiver -
but check your faceplate size. $100 plus shipping


Pioneer CTF-9191 Cassette Deck, $179
Sanyo RD R60 Auto Reverse Cassette Deck, $59
Aiwa AD-L300u Cassette Deck with Variable Bias, $49
Kenwood KX-69W Dual Cassette Deck, $39
Sony TC-FX150 Cassette Deck, $39
Sansui D-95M Cassette Deck, $39
Yamaha K-320 Cassette Deck, $29
Sansui Cassette Deck $29
Group of $29 Cassette Decks
Group of $19 Cassette Decks


Kenwood KD-3055 Marble Base Turntable, $149
Kenwood KD-4100 Turntable, $119
Pioneer PL-516 Turntable with new Shure Stylus, $109
KLH System 20 Phono, FM Receiver, $99
Technics SL-B3 Turntable with Grado, $89
Pioneer PL-200 Direct Drive Turntable, $89
Pioneer PL-230 Turntable, new stylus, $89
Technics SL-D2 Direct Drive Turntable, $79
Technics SL-B101 Turntable, $79
Sansui P-D11 Direct Drive Turntable $79
JVC JVC AL-F3 Direct Drive Turntable, $79
Pioneer PL-570 Direct Drive Turntable, $69
Sanyo TP-1005 Belt Drive Turntable, $69
Kenwood KD-21R Belt Drive Turntable, $69
Techincs SL-B100 Turntable, $59

Shure V15 III (VN35D) NEW generic diamond replacement stylus, $40 each plus

Other Cartridges Available (usually with a new stylus) Please email.

HANDYMAN SPECIALS (for the techies)

Pioneer SX-1000TW Receiver, $59

<P><a href=></a>, Used
Audio Shop<P>Now entering our 10th year of operation.<P>100% Customer
Satisfaction Guaranteed since 1995.
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