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1 5th May 10:54
baton rouge brent
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Default Bootlegs available for download...

Hello, all! With the huge influx of new people there has been a large
number of great bootlegs being posted. They can be found at

Deep Purple

Iceland 2004
Karlsham 1994 (features Joe Satriani and Leslie West)
Nagoya 1993 (Joe Satriani's first show with Purple)
Madrid 1999
Hamburg 2000 (Concerto)
Milan 2000 (Concerto)
Antwerp 2000 (Concerto)
Harvey's Lake 1998
Prague 1998
Pistoia 1999 (Blues Festival)
Brescia 1999
Rome 1999
Birmingham 1996
Uppsala 1996
Zwickau 2000
Besancon 1999
Reno 2004
Slovenia 2004
Newcastle 2002

While this list features more recent Deep Purple, there are plenty of
70's shows as well featuring Mk II, Mk III, and Mk IV.

Black Sabbath

Hamburg 1987
Ljubljana 1989
Tokyo 1989
San Jose 1999

Lots more Sabbath including 1970's shows with Ozzy, shows with Ronnie
James Dio, shows with Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, and Tony


Paris 1982
Nagoya 1992
Aylesbury 1980
Berlin 1980
Denmark 1991
USA 1976-77
Herford 1991

Lots more solo Ian Gillan at


Preston 1980
London 1980
Dallas 1987
Tokyo 1980
London 1978
Sao Paulo 2005
Tokyo 1993 (Coverdale/Page)
Osaka 1993 (Coverdale/Page 2 shows)
Los Angeles 2000 (Coverdale/Hughes)

More 'Snake including lots of recent shows at


Rotterdam 1995
Tokyo 1981
Tokyo 1976 (Rainbow's first Japanese show!)
Detroit 1979
Niigata 1978
New York 1976
Kyoto 1982
Kalamazoo 1982

All eras of Rainbow are represented as well as Blackmore's Night.


Stockholm 2001
Offenbach 1984
Nuremburg 1999
Leiden 1990
Balingen 1999
Gothenburg 2005
Zurich 1993
San Francisco 2004
London 1998

Lots of Dio as a solo artist and as the singer with Black Sabbath and

Glenn Hughes

Uppsala 2002
Budapest 2004 (Hughes Turner Project)
Brierly Hill 1994 (T****ze)
Hannover 1999
Bratislava 2005
Paris 1995

All of these are available for download right now and for free at . The only requirement is that you
share back. A lot of people have taken a lot of time and effort, and in
some cases money, to share these bootlegs with the fan community. Also,
strict rule as we firmly believe in supporting the artists. If you
visit, download all you like but upload at least one bootleg in return.
If you don't believe in sharing freely, then don't bother to come by...
we only want contributing members. All peaceful, sharing Deep Purple,
Blackmore, Dio, and Sabbath fans are welcome!!!

Hope to see you there.

Baton Rouge Brent
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