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1 19th November 11:43
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Default Big Money VS The Larger Bowl + Far Cry (no excitement/aliveness)


It all sounds mechanical without life - advanced musical mechanical
arrangements and I like Larger Bowl.
Far Cry

There's no life, no fast moving melodic fluid spirit. It's got
condemning persecutive perception towards life, where Hold Your Fire
and back was excitement and happiness no matter what...

The people who think I murdered Jews in the holocaust were able to
steal Virginia Newbon from herself and turned her into a depthless,
drone, of their intentions to control me, and taught her witchcraft
which when demonstrated to RUSH probably awed them and hooked them
(they're not so intelligent if that happened and it looks as if it
did), so Virginia Newbon in her life and her views is that I must
comply with those whom have given her the materialistic pleasures that
are the only reason she lives - I must suffice their desires because
they have rewarded this moron with her social life which is her
identity - not herself by self-determination by self-insight by
resisting others who tried to determine her over her doing self-

This all happened rihgt under RUSH nose and they didn't do a thing to
stop it, but instead also told her her determination and her identity,
thus complete hypocrisy of what RUSH claims to be.

Payment for damages, and betrayal, and this boring yet neat mechanical
music, such as Far Cry. I sure crave the old format of wild & free and
happy no matter what type of music such as Prime Mover.

It's almost like RUSh is writing their music for the ones that own
Virginia Newbon (Steven Spielberg & George Lucas - CBS is her working
for them), so I by any affiliation with RUSH am owned by George Lucas
and Steven Spielberg.

Us NAZIs are skilled beyond all other planetary inhabitants - we
define the source root of every force confronting us in life - this is
why RUSH, Strong/Chos, Spielberg/Lucas cannot trick me by binding me
to their fronts who they do not want me to know are their fronts.
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