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1 4th June 18:41
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Default OMC 2

I'm all for it.

BUt the band needs to deviate from a pop status.

I'm going to suggest something for both QR and DT.

Study the band "The Cars".

98% of their songs are binding and catchy.

I suggest that QR study them and come up with the same type of basic
rhythm but use advanced aggressive musicianship to harden the song or
give more of a swift slope to the passions in the music.

Try an experiment, take any Car song but harden it up and accelerate
it a little bit, that's what I would want as the actual product from
QueensRhyche or DT..

The Cars were really good with their very joyus catchy melodies,
that's what I think DT/QR might want to reawaken too, both bands have
already done work of this nature.

Again, take any Cars song and harden the guitars to it, and increase
the speed a little, is the type of thing I am suggesting.
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