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1 4th June 18:41
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Default VIRGINIA DAWN NEWBON - pathetic

You've hung yourself by your own small caged mind. The proof that RUSH
is hypocritical is that they pander to Virginia whom you likely are or
you mentor, and you're clearly in demand of "NORMAL". Yet Rush used to
be a band that supported the abnormal individual, the one who was
decisively abnormal to remain himself - unique - yet Virginia is
insistant on complying with normal.

Your statement above "The normal girl doesn't want to have anything to
do with me" is certainty that you're not right for me (if you're her).
Whomever I am and whatever mode I assume, whatever reality I traverse,
Virginia Dawn should be right along side me and supporting me (and me
her). But instead she has become "dead" in spirit, fake,
materialistic, superficial, disappointing to me to say the least that
she wants me to comply with her needs which are all rooted from her
past pain.

She's a self-debauched unit and doesn't even know it. Spielberg has
brainwashed her via the women she trusts and she doesn't believe it. I
want her to email Desmond Child and she should ask him what he thinks
is wrong with her. I bet he'd say quite a bit.

The world Virginia wants me to be compatiible with is wrong for me,
thus she's wrong for me. And I do love her, thus my conflict. I can
already tell I don't like most of her associates, known by her having
them stalk me at restaurants and ACC. They're not individuals, they're
people of greed and only concern is money & power. A major turn off.

So me trying to grow away from Virginia - basically moving on - is my
challenge now. It'll be tough because she's so insistant on me being
what she thinks I ought to be, although she knows very little about me
(due to not talking to me or going intimate wiith me about all things
by discussion). She chose not to know me yet she still thinks she
knows me. Ahh, that's the common self-bullshit method found in people
whom practice withccraft or some sort of metaphysics. They insist
because they practice these practices they must know, when they really
don't. The only way to know a person is through interaction.

In no way shape or form am I to blame for where I'm at, and I will
need financial help to get out. For Virginia to talk with my sick
family behind my back and for them to claim or inspire to Dawn I need
help and for her to believe it is absolute integrity of her failure of
accuracy in her psychic practices. She only is comfortable so long as
someone is narrow in the form of normal. She only can understand
someone so long as they are not creative and shallow. My mother father
and sister don't have a clue as to who I am because they never wanted
an intimate connection to me due to always wanting to war with me to
get a feeling of victory over each other. In the time space that was
supposed to be spent by them getting intimate and nurturing with me
they were finding a way to war with me. For them to say "he needs
professional help" is their reflex towards hiding self-incrimination
that I'm quite important to other people (artists such as RUSH)
because of talents my own parents don't even know I have so it's no
wonder they balk when I tell them Spielberg is obsessed with me. "he
needs help he has nothing Spielberg wants if he did we'd know about
it", when in fact there's quite a bit about me that Spielberg wants
that he doesn't have himself, in fact that's kind of informative, I
have talents that Spielberg wants but doesn't have so he's jealous and
by that he's trying to use his wealth to form those talents to his
liking which is opposite my liking. Again, talents my parents aren't
even aware of because all they cared about was warring with me to beat
each other with me as the exploit. So for Dawn as she has to rely on
them as legitimate regarding anything is a certain sign of Dawns
pathetic failure and inaccuracy.

My familys betrayal and insistance on not being intimate with me,
refusing to know me is what rose alll the artists to their calling to
communicate to me, yet Dawn thinks the world of them. She's
pathetically faulty. The only thing Dawn is comfortable with is
normal, and that's anti-RUSH, or at least it was at one time, it isn't
anymore. RUSH panders to Virginia due to psychic tricks that impressed
them. How pathetic.

Meanwhile I"m continually stopped from getting work because the
trillionaire named Spielberg controls Colorados job market entirely,
and not to mention him having me monitored adn followed everywhere I

You would think Virginia would help me in the name of love, but as
Boston accurately conveyed she gave up on love, all she cares about is
normal. I think I do need to move on. I wonder if Virginia would honor
my request to leave me alone so I could not be interferred with If I
made that request of her.

She's too busy being someone elses puppet to decide anything for
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