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1 1st June 16:56
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Default CDSale: Death, Black, Thrash

I'm selling the following items from my personal collection. All CDs
used unless otherwise noted. I take great care of my CDs, but be
aware that some items I bought used. All CD booklets and cases
are intact unless otherwise noted.

Send an email to to reserve your items or to ask any

All items $5 each, postage included in the U.S.
Paypal, Cash, check, or money order accepted. Checks will be held 2
weeks to
clear before shipping; Paypal, cash or money orders will be sent the
business day.
Shipping within the 48 states is included; arrangements can be made
for other destinations at extra cost to the buyer.

Affliction The Damnation of Humanization (Cracked case)
Agarthi At the Burning Horizon
Algaion Vox Clamentis
Algaion Algaion
Anacrusis - Manic Impressions (Insert corner cut, obscuring some
Anathema - Pentecost III
Anathema - Serenades (back upc punched)
Annihilator Set the World On Fire (Cracked case, front insert
Anthrax - State of Euphoria
Anthrax Sound of White Noise
Aura Noir Dreams Like Deserts
Avatar Memoriam Draconis

Belial The Gods of the Pit Pt 2 (Paragon So Below)
Benediction - Transcend the Rubicon
Black Messiah Sceptre of Black Knowledge
Black Sabbath - Eternal Masters, A Tribute to Black Sabbath
Blazemth For Centuries Left Behind
Body Count - Born Dead

Calvary - Across the River of Life (missing hinge on case)
Carpathian Full Moon Serenades in Blood Minor
Castle Castle
Cathedral - The Ethereal Mirror (Back upc punched)
Cathedral - Cosmic Requiem
Celestial Seasons Solar Lovers
Celtic Frost - Vanity / Nemesis
Cemetary An Evil Shade of Grey
Christ Agony - Moonlight (Cracked Case)
Christ Agony - Daemoonseth Act II
Comecon - Megatrends in Brutality (Promotional, back insert punched)
Corrosion of Conformity Blind
Count Raven - Destruction of the Void

Daemonium - Dark Opera of the Ancient War Spirit
Dark Land Dark Land
Desultory - Bitterness (Cover page of insert punched, back insert
Divine Eve As the Angels Weep
Drawn Plan Be

Em Sinfonia - In Mournings Symphony

Fire - Lonsai Maikov (digipak)
Funeral Oration Sursum Luna

Gamma Ray - Heading for Tomorrow CD case, back insert, front insert
punched, obscure 0 words
Gates of Ishtar - A Bloodred Path
Goatlord Goatlord

Heavenshore - Between Human and Divine
Hecate Enthroned - Upon Promethean Shores
Hefenstos - Bilce Sjen (digi)
Helheim - Jormundgand

Internal Void - Standing on the Sun (back upc punched)
Invisible Domains (case missing hinge)

Killers - Murder One

Limbonic Art Moon in the Scorpio

Martyrium - LVX Occulta
Mastiphal - For a Glory of All Evil Spirits, Rise for Victory
Mavelolent Creation - Stillborn
Menhir - Buchonia
Messiah - Underground
Messiah - Rotten Perish (back upc punched)

Napalm Death - Fear Emptiness Despair case cracked back insert upc
Nastrond 666 Toteslaut
Nasty Savage - Penetration Point
Necromantic - Scarlet Evil Witching Black digipak with emblem
Necrophobic - Spawned by Evil CD case cracked
Neither / Neither World - Maddening Montagery
Non Fiction - In The Know case cracked
November's Doom - For Every Leaf That Falls

The Obsessed - The Church Within insert punched, 10-12 words obscured
Officium Triste - Ne Vivam

Shadow Dances - Burning Shadows
Sundown - Design 19 (wrapped)

Tiamat - A Deeper Kind of Slumber (wrapped)
Tulus Pure Black Energy
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