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1 17th March 21:12
External User
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Default Part One: The Challenge

I know that many of you from the Tull Bored and Talk Dull are looking in,
frothing at the mouth, especially wanting to know the "whys" and the "whos"
and the "whyfors" regarding one of the most successful campaigns in Usenet
history, the undoing of

Yeah, you want to know about Tom Giarmo whose ****ing with your minds over
there on TB. Who lurks on TD, who sends all those shitty assed emails, who
signs you up to **** websites, then plays friendly Ryan White, Tull
afficianado. He's a pupil of mine and I am a patient Teacher.

Ole Missy, she's a harmless thing, probably a good screw. Took her awhile
to find my email from the Led Zeppelin group, my home territory these days.

Well, let's get on with it, shall we?

I'm sitting around with a few of my employees, playing Diplomacy, half
bored, 1998 or so. These loyal creatures, one ex LRRP who slopped the
jungle with me, the others, compatriots in our post 'Nam business. Nasty
guys, these boys. Make me look like Mother Theresa. Have Guns, Will shoot
the **** out of you for pastry money.

All trained together, MKUltra, spec ops, and psychological warfare aka
pysops, it cost us "Nam, it brought us a new weapon, the ultimate weapon,
no ammunition, no cleaning, no misfires that blow your face off, lethal,

O yesirree, $100 bet, chickenshit money, can we take down an entire Usenet
group? Hell, I didn't even know Usenet existed and I was trained to the nth
degree by our 3 letter agencies in all things mainframe. Pysop tactics put
to a real test. Rules, only one. No in person contact. Now this was *not*

Always been a Tull fan, let's take a look and see what we got there on
amj-t. I have an education base on Tull so I'm not some dumb ****ing troll,
like the one I found, Poonytang, Tom Giarmo, carrying on like a mindless
child, spewing profanity, still pissed of from his days on the St. Cleve
Chronicle, over some bullshit he got into over COAK or whatever. Got called
a few names on SCC, thin skinned Italian buffoon that he is. And still is.

But, hey, I need an idiot who will run amok, create havoc, background
noise, all that shit. I'll take care of the direct navigation into the
minds of these amj-t morons. These self-indulgent, holier-than-thou, creeps
who have made "friends" from keyboards. Stage, action.

The first step is always the hardest, gotta find out who the leaders are,
once they are in my sights, especially the women, it's nothing more than an
implementation scheme. Jealousies, pride, envy, it's there in all of you,
it controls you, it kills you. It is the psyopsers greatest weapons. The
faults of Man can dig deep holes into the psyche, you rot from within.

That's the undoing, not the posts or anything typed. Rot from within. use
the tools Satan leaves inside of them. Let them eat each other, the rest is
all window dressing.

See you later.
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2 17th March 21:13
External User
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Default Part One: The Challenge

I was ABN and PSYOP on Ft. Bragg for over 14 years. Served in both Gulf
Wars, Somalia, Bosnia and Haiti. You have no idea what PSYOP does,
clueless ****.
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3 17th March 21:13
steven sullivan
External User
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Default Part One: The Challenge

Aww, let little Mr. Joe 'wilburn' Alden have his Tom Clancy fantasies.
Anyone who's read this group for more than day knows he's as full of shit
as the day is long. Far from being a psyop ninja, he cleared out AMJT by
simply dropping smelly turds here 24-7, is all... he probably has the same
effect in *any* room...except maybe when he's playing 'Diplomacy' with his
hygiene-challenged pals.

Hey, Joe, since you're sharing, answer me this: just *when* do you find
time to do that pro athlete training you claimed to do when you were a
Gentullman? Did John Rocker ever repay that debt? And was that *before*
or *after* you were in the real estate biz? I forget the details. But I
do remember when you shat a brick on the Gentullman list, in fear that you
were going to be sued by the publisher of Greg Russo's Tull book, after
you unwisely mouthed off about bootlegging it. Must've been like having a
particularly bad 'Nam flashback, eh? What the heck, since we're talking
ancient history on AMJT this week -- here's the girly fit you threw to
your fellow Gentullmen Andy Bowyer because he had the *nerve* to suggest
you *not* act like a malignant asshole for once:

Subject: Here Is What I Read; Out of Context But Accurate
From: Joseph Alden
Feb 4

"Do it in your own wilburnn way, but make it clear that you never had any
intention of posting the book in snippets or otherwise."

Yes, sir, Commander Bowyer. I am here to do and be done by you.

"Whatever: do it your way. But just do it, and get it over with."

Right away, Commander Bowyer. I'll immediately apologize for not doing a
****ing thing wrong.

"...and Andy thank you for getting inside Wilburn's head. It's great to
have friends and colleagues who take the time to solve problems and
understand all the issues. I understand that the work of writer Greg Russo
will remain his work without any bootlegging, and that this was all like
an Andy Kaufman tall least with everyone in the Tull news

Now, just how did the little lady come to that conclusion. Surely, Bowyer
wouldn't speak out of context about my intentions considering..

"I'm presuming that's the ultimate point of this particular gag...I've
never been sure why you went after Greg, but that's neither here nor
there: none of my business in the long run...)"

Only in the short run then, huh?

"For once, JUST ONCE could you please take the ****ing high road?"

For once, *once* you shmuck. I took the high road on several things we
collaborated on; what you really meant to say is "do this my ****ing way"

"I went out of my way to smooth this over and this is the best you can do?"

I've got a potential lawsuit on my hands and your out on the usenet
"smoothing things over"? **** that; I'm a big boy and can take care of

"Lee Ann just posted Anne's letter to Block's forum. She assumes that I
talked to Andy (since this all got resolved so fast) who talked to Anne
who will -- I presume -- at this point clear the air with Russo."

Yeah, it got resolved so fast I couldn't keep up with the new posts coming
in nearly every few seconds. Who appointed you my Net Nanny? Clear the air
with Russo? That's my call, my business and I have no intention of
clearing any air with that supercillious prick.

Bottom line (since you are a bottom line guy): You ran around trying to
cover your ass with no thought of getting me involved at all. Not once, in
the thousand words, did you ever stop to think to drop me a simple email
about how I might want this handled...or just left alone.

I'm out of here guys.

And as long as you don't cross me again, you will never hear a word about
gentullmen's club from me.

Enjoy your life.



It's not my business to do intelligent work. -- D. Rumsfeld, testifying
before the House Armed Services Committee
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4 19th March 15:07
tull central salami smugglers
External User
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Default Part One: The Challenge

who else but SSuliMick would know about malignant arseholes? he licks
'em all down at the bethesda glory hole. why not go back on the official
site and rub tommies **** so you both feel better, cunt.


Gott mit uns -- 1813
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5 19th March 15:07
External User
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Default Part One: The Challenge

Name the books you have written on it, name me specific time periods that
you wee involved in MKUltra..and spinoffs. ****Head.
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6 19th March 15:07
tom giarmo
External User
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Default Part One: The Challenge

You tell them, he's a ****head and I abhor the day I ever met up and worked
with him. Steven, I was only playing around when Joe came to me with this
half brained idea to clear out amj-t. He pulled me in, I was angry over my
mother's death, my cancer and my job. Symantec was giving me two choices,
move South or get out. I love NYC but it didn't matter. Joe soon had his
clutches around my neck and he vowed that he would turn me in to the
Symantec management if I didn't go along. I posted most of my trash from
work like a fool.

In the end, he did anyway. One fax to me, one to my superiors, I was done.
I was an idiot.

Steven, I have found a home among Tull friends on the Tull Board and all I
want to do is live in peace and sell a TV or two.

**** Joe Alden.

Steven, all that is true, I have confirmed it and so did Symantec Security
before they fired me. After Joe's fax to them, they traced his number to a
Kinko's in Duluth GA. He had an account there, Joseph W. Alden, and was a
regular on their computers. They even described him, 5' 7", balding, large
frame, owned three gyms under the name of Professional Training Institute,
LLC. He was a regular at MLB spring training, had badge access to several
spring training camps in Maryville, Tempe, others.

Alden was in the commercial real estate business in Tennessee, Arkansas,
Mississippi and Alabama and holds properties there (as of 2000), tax
records, and he was a partner of R. Brad Martin, now CEO of Saks. They
developed together which is how Martin got involved in the department store

Joe was born in 1948 in Birmingham AL, U.S. Army at 19, Vietnam, kicked out
of the army after his tour, a name change came out of nowhere and he
disappeared for years until he reemerged in the late 80's, has his home in
Duluth (2000). Married, divorced, married again, I know of at least two
daughters. Mensa inductee.

He posted to amj-t from his offices in his gyms since he trained athletes,
he worked afternoons and evenings, mornings he spent on amj-t, aml-z, God
only knows how many others. Mostly trained high schoolers but had a large
number of pro baseball players who have long off seasons. I have pictures
of him and Delino Deshields, Mark Lemke,, Jeff Blauser, David Justice, lots
of others; Rocker lived in Macon, Joe would fly down there.

He wasn't worried about any of that, he had *me* set up for that fall.
Another bullet in my own head, another reason for Symantec to dump me.

I don't know what you read here, Steven, but Joe was mightily pissed off,
not scared. He had Russo by the balls and he had Tull's marketing
Department (Anne) absolutely livid.

I used to write emails to Joe asking him to back off, to back, down, the
harder things got, the harder he got. I once asked him about Vietnam and
the email I got was ****ing frightening.

If you go to aml-z and ask around about Joe, some used to post here, some
have met him, they will tell you that none of his post is a lie as is none
of mine. I try and avoid any contact with him, he shows up on the Tull
Board every once in a while.

He threatened me and I have a NYC and FBI file on him if anything ever
happens to me, they will go and get him.

I'll tell you this, I tried to shake him and I apologized to amj-t and came
back as a regular poster. They took me in, Lee Ann, Louise, Pamela, all the
women I had abused, even Geronimo Holland.

He flew to NYC and emailed me from a NYC ISP, scared the shit out of me. I
didn't know what to do so I acted like a coward and caved in. Joe was never
anyone but wilburn, I was all the rest and have only recently quit posting
here as pik, nyuk, a hundred others because Joe is on my hunt.

I know more, I know who and what he was and is, Steven, you can do as you
like. Don't ever think that Joe is anything but Evil Incarnate, something I
would think you would know after your GWU affair.

Joe sent me to the Tull Board to disrupt that place but I wanted a place to
land, not more of the same harassment. I started on the women with emails
from Cotse and remailers while keeping a happy face as Ryan White. People
like me there, Joe won't have it. I knew my day was coming so I an
"outing" myself.

I want to apologize to you, Steven, although you owe me one yourself. You
were, and still are, part of the problem, the reason amj-t is dead.

Let's not act too puritanical here, I admit my hypocrisy, will you admit
yours? No, you won't, Steven, and that is true to your, as Joe would put
it, "Flying Colours".
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7 19th March 15:07
steven sullivan
External User
Posts: 1
Default Part One: The Challenge

LOL. Tom, if this is you, if you know the truth, you know there *is* no 'GWU'
affair. If you believe otherwise, you've simply been duped by Joe -- again.
I doubt the guy ever even tried to contact GWU -- certainly I never heard
of it, or suffered *any* effects of it, if he did. I'm sorry he got
*you* fired, but I assure you I was never fired or let go or asked to leave or
reprimanded or cautioned or (fill in any other dark scenario) by GWU, for any
reason. What sort of evidence did Joe present you to get you to believe otherwise?

*Again*....second time's a charm? BTw, I noticed awhile back that the posts
do***enting your earlier 'outing' were deleted from Dejanews/Google. Curious, that.

Oh dear. You mean I should post *more*?

To date my activity on AMJT consists of: posting to question or
expose the more egregious AMJT troll lies, and posting about Tull.
As you can see, even this activity has been at best *sporadic*, for many months now.
I certainly could not possibly have been 'the reason' AMJT is what it is, at this
late date. I simply haven't been paying enough attention for that.

To date my AMJT activity has *never* consisted of: sending harassing emails
to amjt participants; posting Nazi quotes; making racist/***ist fun of
AMJT participants; posting under more than one name; harassing and
badmouthing other Tull forums and their participants; crossposting
such trollery to other newsgroups.

So, what, exactly, do I have to apologize to the likes of *you* for, Tom?
All the while I've been more or less 'retired' from the above AMJT activity,
you've been posting shit here and befouling the Tull Board will
poorly-concealed trollery as well.

Tom, if this is you, your relationship to Joe always seemed to some observers,
me included, to have more than a bit of the slave/master thing going
on. Under all your 'admissions' there always seems to be an undercurrent
of unhealthy and craven respect for the malignant shit's views, which comes off
like attempts to curry favor. Apparently fear of Joe also plays a role.
And it all manifests in this sort of burning resentment that
others aren't appreciating your attempts to be good...and aren't sharing the
blame for all the bad you and he did.

Remember when I suggested you try for Talk Tull membership, the last time you
claimed to have fled from the Dark Side? That was a test. Your rejection by
TT was almost a foregone conclusion -- quite rightly so, IMO, since you hadn't
established nearly enough cred as a 'good guy' after all those months as a really,
really 'bad' guy. Your reaction was telling. You didn't pass the test. You
reacted not by humbly accepting the obvious reality that gaining the trust
of people you'd ****ed over so many, many times, was not going to be easy -- but with
bitterness and resentment. Instead of pledging to prove yourself a good guy, you
proved yourself not one.

It's all kind of sad to see; this inner conflict. Say the safe word already.
Stop giving credence to any of that psychotic asshole Alden's opinions. Stop
predicating your repentance on that of others. Then you shall be finally free.

Btw, for what it's worth, I do admire your willingness to 'come clean' -- if
you are. If you're just a troll, well...


It's not my business to do intelligent work. -- D. Rumsfeld, testifying
before the House Armed Services Committee
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8 19th March 15:07
External User
Posts: 1
Default PVT wilburn the wannabe; was: Part One: The Challenge

MKUltra and Army PSYOP? ROTFLMAO! I thought you claimed to be a LRRP?
Now you were PSYOP? Or were you SF? Get your MOSs straight you ****ing
twit. Here's freebee Einstein, don't base your false military career
stories on conspiracy websites. I'll forward your message to a couple of
friends at SWC and 4th POG for a laugh.

You've never been in PSYOP or a LRRP and probably never spent a day in
the Army...well maybe as a 92G <> (my
apologies to 92Gs).

"I'll have my eggs over-easy PVT wilburn!" ;-)

Here are some sites dedicated to spotting losers like yourself, ****ing

From the Coalition of Patriots for Military Honour:

"Real war veterans increasingly uncover truths of 'wannabes'":

It's just a 'Nam thing; Wannabes ****:
<****.htm> Stolen Valor:

A Legend in Their Own Minds: Poseurs, Fakes, and Wannabes (Vietnam
Vets of America):


Fake Warriors:

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9 19th March 15:07
External User
Posts: 1
Default PVT wilburn the wannabe; was: Part One: The Challenge

The feathers started to fly as a cough and a splutter heralded the arrival
of none, saying:


Caught out methinks !!
tradelist and images -
oooh my ears man !! -
led zeppelin earls court 30th birthday party -
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10 19th March 15:07
External User
Posts: 1
Default Part One: The Challenge

That's it, Wilburn, that's it, Part One, no follow up, you moronic creep?
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