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1 18th December 05:14
steve wallis
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Default My tribute to Michael Jackson: "On My Own" inspired by "Earth Song"

I've just uploaded a new video to YouTube: 'Michael Jackson tribute:
"On My Own" by Steve Wallis, inspired by Jacko's "Earth Song"'. Click

I've included the description of the video below:

The media coverage (BBC & Guardian) I've seen of Michael Jackson's
death has ignored perhaps his most important legacy. After making his
name and selling hundreds of millions of records with love songs, he
decided to use his fame for a purpose - trying to influence the world
politically on issues he cared about, particularly with "Earth
Song" (but also with "Black or White" which was rather ironic due to
changes in his skin colour!)

Jarvis ****er famously interrupted Jacko's performance of "Earth Song"
at a Brit Awards ceremony, alleging that Jacko was acting as a
Messiah. Maybe Jacko thought his song would have a massive effect in
terms of saving the world. It is tempting to regard yourself as a son/
daughter of God if you are playing that role - I know from experience!

In tribute to Jacko, and to publicise his political role overlooked by
many, I made this new recording of my song "On My Own", which includes
lines influenced by "Earth Song", the day after his death (26 June
2009) on my mobile phone in Platt Fields, Manchester, England. The
sound quality of my phone isn't brilliant, and my singing voice is
better when accompanied by music (with my band Galaxia or Red Day),
but it'll do.

"On My Own" is dedicated to an Indian activist living in New York,
Priya Reddy (sometimes known as "warcry"), who I met at the 2005 Earth
First Gathering in England. I wrongly suspected she was a political
prisoner in a psychiatric institution she had compared to Auschwitz
concentration camp - this version of the song corrects that

You can read the lyrics at

For more of my musical poetry, go to

You may also like to visit my MySpace page at

Steve Wallis (Manchester, England)
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revolution will never happen?":
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