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1 1st May 03:55
your ass is collapsing
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Default Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween, one of the highest holy days for us Satanists, and
also revered by wiccans and other so-called pagans.

What bothers me is that the holiday has lost its meaning after having
been corrupted by an alliance between xians and the retail and candy
industries. So now it is nothing but pumpkins, candy, and Spiderman
costumes, about as inoffensive to xians as you'll ever get. Oh, a
few fundies still get their ******* in a bunch over kids wearing
stupid ghost or witch costumes, still convinced such things really
exist and dressing up like them offends God.

I would prefer xians remove themselves from Halloween entirely, rather
than involving themselves and watering it down to meaninglessness.
The one place where the spirit still survives is in Mexico as the Day
of the Dead, though in recent years it has also begun to be replaced
by pumpkins and Spiderman.

Hail Satan!

"A lot of people don't want to look into what [Charles Manson] had
to say, because of what he did, but I think it's important to point
out that what he did is really no different than what my father did
in Vietnam - my father killed people, he didn't believe in it.
Charles Manson killed people, he at least believed in it - that he
had a reason for it. Neither one is right or wrong, it just is.
Killing is killing, there's no difference. Society makes one person
a hero and another person a criminal, it's just a popularity
contest. Morality is decided by the man with the most artillery."
-- Marilyn Manson; RIP Magazine, Feb. 1995
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2 1st May 03:55
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Default Happy Halloween!

Yes, I also wish Christians would remove themselves from the
celebration of Halloween (All hallows eve/all souls day). Why
celebrate death with the Pagans? Rather, they can celebrate the gift
of salvation given by the death of the Lamb of God who came as an
atonement for sins. This is the death that brings hope and new life to
those who believe.
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3 1st May 03:55
last of all
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Default Happy Halloween!

There seems to be two Halloweens, there is the one religionists debate
over and then there is the holiday for children.

It's a nice holiday that occurs about the time the weather starts to
get too bad to go outside and play, they get to dress up like someone
else and collect some candy (I also gave away some Dora stickers). (We
buy old costumes at garage sales so my grand daughter gets to dress up
whenever she likes).

I know my 4 yr old grand daughter was excited, she chose to dress like
a fairy with wings and a pretty dress and shoes, her hair was dyed
pink -- of course, we are very family oriented and there was only time
to take her to each aunt and uncle, grandma and grandpa's house to get
her picture taken at each and we had candy for her.

Earlier in the day she got to use markers to make a face on a pumpkin
(she's too young to entrust with cutting instruments) and set it out
front. Then she got worried that she made it too scary and no kids
would come to my house. I explained to her the difference between bad
scared and fun scared.

After she left, I put on a some kid's Halloween music that I streamed
from MusicMatch (Monster Mash, Purple People Eater, etc. nothing too
scary) and delighted in all the little neighbor kids and their cute
little outfits and their moms trying to get them to say "Trick or
Treat!" Most were too shy.

All in all it would be hard to say who was the more entertained, them
or me.

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4 1st May 03:55
ben schultz
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Default Happy Halloween!

I beg to differ...

The "highest holy day" for this Satanist happens to fall on the 10th
of April. I thought you all celebrated it with me...

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5 1st May 03:55
tani jantsang
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Default Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you all too We went to the beach and were home too
late to catch the kids - but we did have candy. Guess we'll eat it
ourselves. Tootsie Pops. Yummy.

A few years back, actually, it's about more than 10 years ago now... when
a whole gang of people we knew were down our way, we had "Mephito's
Casino" - a HUGE sign up front of the house with a fake street sign on the
driveway, Satan Lane or something like that. Everyone was dressed up as
devils or similar. Anyway, strangers wandered into our place and actually
put MONEY on the table - instead of chips. The whole place was set up like
a casino.

Why should Christians remove themselves? Most of the kids that were out
there dressed up in costumes were kids of Christian parents anyway. Most of
the people handing out candy to trick or treaters are also Christians.
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6 1st May 03:55
last of all
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Default Happy Halloween!

It is kind of amusing. Christmas, Easter, Lent, etc. were all
borrowed from pagan holidays and Christians can come up with all sorts
of excuses why it's ok to celebrate Christmas and Easter - I would
say, "be consistent," celebrate them all, celebrate none, or pick and
chose but don't begrudge other's choices:

Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of
an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:
(Col 2:16 KJVA)

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7 1st May 03:55
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Default Happy Halloween!

There was christ in the metal shell, there was blood on the pavement....
"your ass is collapsing" <> ha scritto nel messaggio
news:SNv9f.10566$ t...
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8 1st May 03:56
tani jantsang
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Default Happy Halloween!

Hi, see in.

I never heard of "Lent." What's that? Christmas or Hannukah (they seem to
be around the same time) is party time and the party lasts until the BIG
party on New Years Eve. Halloween is big around here too. Only one time
did some crackpot xian cult try to put a stop to it and that year, Edison
Mall opened the doors wide and closed off the streets - Lee County had the
BIGGEST turnout on that Halloween day than ever before, even bigger than the
Edison Parades and sports stuff - and those are BIG. I guess people had a
statement to make that year I don't think anyone does Easter - I never
even know WHEN Easter is - so no one must be doing much on that holiday.
You can tell from the stores, what they are selling People around here
usually DO celebrate anything and everything - they even have Hurricane
parties as category 4s sweep thru and wipe out half a town. I kid you not.
ANY excuse for a party. Electricity is out for a week? - No big deal:
let's have a party.
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9 1st May 03:56
last of all
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Default Happy Halloween!

Lent is primarily a Catholic holiday borrowed from the pagan period of
weeping for Tammuz, it's a fast.

The joke we were passing around last week was, The stores are all
decorated with trees and tinsel, Santa Claus is in the stores, and
Christmas music is playing on the speakers -- it must be Halloween! Terrell
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10 1st May 03:56
tani jantsang
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Default Happy Halloween!

YEAH - true true. I never used to see Christmas stuff out so early. Well,
part of the fun of the party IS the gifts
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