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1 25th July 12:57
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Default Eating kosher steaks in Nebraska

When I worked for the biggest Meat Processor in the World, who will remain
anonymous tonight, and he was looking for a restaurant with me as his
chauffeur, he asked me to take him to a place that was "ok."

Animal slaughter is a nasty business. It's been a long time since I've had a
nice kosher rib steak, and I can tell you schleita slaughter probably *is*
the most humane. At least there's *some* sort of regulation, and it's
ancient regulation.

But like they say the schleita process has become "perverted" over time. I
don't know what to think. I am the only one who matters on the Internet,
that's what I think and KNOW.

This one's like 25 mins. There's a shorter version like 4 minutes if you do
"PETA Kosher" on youtube which is what I did.
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