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1 23rd May 19:40
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Default ITS, Inc. for Sale

(a/k/a ITS, INC. or

FOR SALE: Mostly Automated, Proven, Horse-Racing Business

The Estate of Eric Langjahr invites expressions of interest from
prospective buyers who are full-time residents of Las Vegas, love
handicapping, are smart and enterprising, and wish to carry Eric's
torch on.

This solid, established business is virtually a turnkey operation for
almost anyone. A buyer who is also a computer programmer just may be
poised to grow the business to new heights.

It is indisputable that Eric's Estate owns at least one-half of ITS.

POTENTIAL WINDFALL: Another party claims to own one-half of ITS.
However, he has repeatedly stated in writing that he is not in
possession of any stock of ITS!

SPECIAL BONUS: Eric's parents and sister are willing to act as
business consultants with regard to Eric's interest in ITS.

If interested, please contact Eric's sister, Janet, who has been
authorized to extend this invitation as agent on behalf of Charles
Langjahr, in his capacity as co-administrator of Eric's Estate. Janet
will respond as quickly as possible, but please be patient if it takes
her a little while because Janet is an attorney who runs her own law
practice. Janet can be reached at
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2 23rd May 19:44
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Default ITS, Inc. for Sale

So many of us, both within and outside the ITS family, were deeply
saddened by the untimely passing of Eric Langjahr. He was both a
genius and a gentleman, a man of many parts, each one more fascinating
than the other.

Even after his death, ITS remains a family, and as Eric was one of its
parental heads, Michael Pizzolla is still the other. These two built
ITS into what it is today, a company whose products and services are
uniquely predicated upon the experience of two authentically gifted
and successful turf speculators. They brought an unprecedented degree
of honesty and sincerity to the racing information business that has
been simultaneously accompanied by the best in handicapping data and
software products. The truth is: Eric could not have done it without
Michael, and Michael could not have done it without Eric.

In addition, the on-going success of ITS is dependent upon the heart
and soul that the other family member employees commit to it, every
day. These qualities cannot be replaced by some well-heeled Las Vegas
handicapping enthusiast, who knows how to program a computer. ITS
truly is a family in the form of a business, and not a self-running
automated enterprise.

To insinuate in a public announcement, that a potential purchaser of
ITS' corporate assets might legally defeat Mr. Pizzolla's partnership
interest, is false, incredibly rude and an insult to Eric's memory.
How astonishing and disappointing that such an assertion would come
from the Langjahr family. It is also ignorant of the legal fact that
partnership cases are decided upon equitable grounds and not as a
matter of law. To hinge a buyer's hopes upon missing stock share
certificates is a wanton denial of the vast twelve-year body of
evidence to the contrary, i.e. the life that Eric and Michael breathed
together into ITS.

And now, to issues of caveat emptor:

While the Handicapper's Daily is a mature product, it needs
substantial enhancements to bring it up to the level of Trackmaster,
Bloodstock's Past Performance Generator, and DRF's Formulator. These
updates awaited the evolution of "The Master Magician" software into
its "ValueTech" incarnation and were unfortunately cut short with
Eric's illness and passing.

Any computer programmer trying to fill Eric's shoes should be aware
that Mr. Langjahr understood and executed object-oriented programming
on the highest level, and there will be substantial ramping up time,
that no amount of Langjahr family consulting can replace.

ITS has a software development strategy in place, whose success
depends upon the involvement of Michael Pizzolla. Without him, this
so-called "turnkey" operation will wither and die, since Handicapper's
Daily subscribers, ITS staff, and other web site contributors will
follow Michael and not Eric's putative replacement.

The survival of ITS is dependent upon Michael Pizzolla's inclusion in
the enterprise and not his exclusion.
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