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1 25th September 19:01
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Default The REAL Biography of Author Patricia Cornwell - part 3 of 3 - Crimes Bribery Scandals Mental Illness

The REAL Patricia Cornwell Biography -
Her Crimes, Bribery, Scandals and Mental Illness

Part 3 of 3 - Continued from previous post

weblink and contact for author:

With her wealth, the alcohol and drugs bedevilled Cornwell even more.
On 10 January 1993, in a post-New Year's drinking binge in California,
Patricia Cornwell flipped a rented Mercedes while Cornwell was drunk
driving. Luckily, no one was killed, and the sturdy Mercedes saved
Cornwell. Cornwell was sentenced to a long term of probation, not quite
being able to bribe her way totally out of that one. But California is
not Virginia.

As Cornwell's crime novels started to sell, the possibility naturally
arose of making movies out of some of them. Cornwell herself had
started to spend time in California to taste some of the glamorous life
there. But Los Angeles was an emotional disaster for Cornwell, and she
wound up retreating back to crooked, redneck, bribery-laden Virginia,
where Cornwell felt she knew how to play the power games.

Cornwell's agents put together some deals for possible movie projects,
but Cornwell herself was a major saboteur of these projects. Cornwell
demanded too much control over how the movies and scripts would be
done, and people saw no reason to do things Cornwell's way. Cornwell's
particular style of being petty, devious and domineering did not
impress the California crowd, plus they could see that Cornwell was a
total ignoramus about movies anyway. Cornwell was a big deal back in

One of the actresses who briefly considered a role as Cornwell's main
fictional character was Demi Moore. Cornwell later bragged about being
in a hot tub with Demi and smoking cigars. Now, Demi Moore and Bruce
Willis are part of the long list of people Cornwell hates.

The most bizarre episode from Cornwell's California jaunts, was her
emotional crush upon actress Jodie Foster, who was also considered as a
potential lead actress in a Cornwell movie script. Cornwell had a crush
on Foster, and pursued her obsessively in a weird, stalking way that
must have been very disturbing to Foster. This is described in a
January 1997 Esquire article by Jeanette Wells, "Jodie, Jodie, Jodie".

Cornwell and Jodie Foster met briefly, but the meeting did not go well.
Foster seems to have found Cornwell somewhat disgusting, and did not
want to pursue the project further. Cornwell kept pursuing Foster,
attaching herself to Jodie Foster's former tutor Irene Brafstein, after
learning that Brafstein and Foster had remained friends. Just like with
the FBI agents, Cornwell began offering sizeable bribes and gifts with
the idea that Brafstein would induce Jodie to meet Cornwell again and
then they could start a relationship.

Cornwell's wealth, along with her success at bribing FBI agents and
government officials, had given her a delusion of being powerful enough
to have anything she chose to acquire, including Jodie Foster. It
apparently took a good while for Cornwell to realize that her
manipulation games with Brafstein wouldn't work, and that Jodie Foster
would never be Cornwell's ******* lover. The rejection by Jodie Foster,
and the humiliating publication of Cornwell's pursuit of her, no doubt
made Cornwell even more bitter toward the world, more desperate to seek
power in other ways, to compensate for Cornwell's self-disgust.

As the 1990's came to a close, her Hollywood foray a failure, Cornwell
went back to identifying Virginia as her main home, though she
travelled among several places and in fact was at home nowhere. She
deepened the political and campaign contributions that made her more of
a political force with Republicans and especially in Virginia,
befriending Virginia's Governor of 1997-2001, Jim Gilmore. Gilmore,
right-wing friend of George Bush, ended up renting Cornwell's Virginia
mansion and sleeping in the same bedroom where Cornwell had trysted
with ******* lovers.

Cornwell's trademark, that of always manipulating people through use of
either power or bribery, constantly shows itself. The bribes and gifts
and favours that had made the Virginia FBI establishment submissive to
Cornwell, was something Cornwell tried to use with reporters as well.
Judy Bachrach wrote in the May 1997 Vanity Fair about Cornwell's offer
to give her special favours if Bachrach wrote a good submissive article
about her.

That approach didn't work with Bachrach, but it did work in a very
important way, with Bill McKelway of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, a
right wing Republican newspaper with close personal and political ties
to Patricia Cornwell. Bill McKelway began writing articles praising
Cornwell's wealth and power as far back as the mid-90s, but McKelway
was kept on a leash and did not having good access. McKelway knew he
had to be nice to Cornwell, because she was friends with Gov. Gilmore,
who was good friends with the newspaper's owners, and so on: It was the
whole good ol' boy network that Cornwell owned in Virginia.

In the court fraud scandal for which Patricia Cornwell now faces
indictment, one of the major events in that scandal was the publication
of a false "news" story on the front page of the Times-Dispatch,
written by McKelway at the request of Cornwell's lawyers. McKelway,
eager to do a favour for the Cornwell gang, and also to please his
bosses who had met with Cornwell.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch is the flagship paper of the right-wing
Media General Corporation, one of the large US media conglomerates very
much tied to the crimes of the George Bush family. The Richmond
Times-Dispatch editorial board met with Patricia Cornwell, and in
recognition of her close financial support of the Bushes, committed to
a policy of helping Cornwell commit crimes and cover up for her life.

A low-status reporter at the Time-Dispatch, this Bill McKelway, was
eager to please both Cornwell and his bosses who had met with Cornwell.
At the request of the Cornwell lawyers, McKelway fabricated a phony
interview and phony quotations about me, the author of this Cornwell
biography - Even though McKelway never met me and never interviewed me.
McKelway composed the false story exactly along the lines dictated by
Cornwell's lawyers.

This phony front-page newspaper article was then used a few weeks later
as the main "evidence" in the fake federal court trial purchased by
Cornwell. McKelway's phony "interview" was used by a federal judge as
the basis to immediately ban my freedom of speech, within minutes after
the Cornwell gang served the lawsuit papers, before I even had time to
read the legal papers I was given. This ultimately led to my needing to
take political refuge in Europe, and publishing this biography of
Cornwell where the US government cannot jail or murder me.

Today, Bill McKelway, the sleazy little reporter eager to kiss up to
Cornwell's lawyers, may face a federal indictment for the crime of
fabricating false evidence in a federal court case, yet another person
whose life and reputation forever changed by his contact with Patricia

A Short Summary of the Patricia Cornwell Court Fraud Scandal

The Patricia Cornwell court fraud scandal for which she and so many
others face possible criminal charges, is a quite large scandal that is
more fully detailed elsewhere. To complete the biographical picture of
Cornwell, and to give a short summary of the crimes for which Patricia
Cornwell and her gang face indictment, here is a quick overview.

At the end of the 1990s, Cornwell was still writing books, books which
according to many critics had been sinking in quality since those first
few volumes. Even with all her access to FBI facilities and papers, and
all those FBI agents enjoying the favours that Cornwell could provide,
Cornwell was still having a hard time writing the stream of books for
which she was being paid. Even the infamous Federal Judge Robert Payne,
who faces possible impeachment for court fraud with Cornwell's lawyers,
has declared that Cornwell's writing was "a load of crap".

"Load of crap" or not, Cornwell's books could still be hyped and sold
by the millions. And even if Cornwell was blatantly plagiarising other
people, as was proven in the 1998 lawsuit against her, she could use
her political connections, her willingness to buy officials and judges,
and her stable of submissive FBI agents to get her out of a sc****.
Cornwell definitely would pay big for other people to do her dirty

This court fraud scandal started out as yet just one more of Cornwell's
likely plagiarism and copying episodes. In the later 1990s, Cornwell's
books were being published by the multinational Penguin Group
conglomerate, whose New York lawyer, Alexander Gigante, has been very
eager to cover up for Cornwell's character, so as to try and prop up
her book sales.

Penguin had another author, neither rich nor famous, namely myself, Dr
Les Sachs. I was best known for my own journalism on American
corruption, a Penguin paperback on sleazy techniques of the auto sales
industry, How to Buy Your New Car for a Rock-Bottom Price. In late
1997, I completed a mystery crime novel, "The Virginia Ghost Murders",
the manuscript of which I showed to the editors at Penguin - who turned
out to be Patricia Cornwell's editors. I also showed the book to a
literary agency, International Creative Management or ICM - and ICM's
Esther Newberg in that office, turned out to be Patricia Cornwell's

My book, "The Virginia Ghost Murders", had a very unique plot. Penguin
didn't publish it, and in late 1998, I published the book himself,
aware that hardly any first-time novelists were being published
anymore. My book got very good reviews, and began to sell well for a
small press novel.

In December of 1999, Patricia Cornwell and Penguin published a notice
that Cornwell would have a new book in 2000, called "The Last
Precinct". The plot of Cornwell's new book, as announced, sounded just
like the plot of my book, "The Virginia Ghost Murders". I already knew
about Cornwell's sleazy reputation, so I began to write bombastic,
teasing letters to Cornwell and the publisher, trying to get them to
not rip off my book too much.

Penguin wrote back to brag that if Cornwell wanted to copy my book
ideas, there wasn't much that I could do about it. I wrote more
letters, and, in a way, I won my battle. Cornwell and Penguin announced
a delay of publication of several months, while Cornwell re-wrote her
manuscript of "The Last Precinct". Cornwell took out most of the really
egregious plot copying, but a few remnants of Cornwell's imitation of
"The Virginia Ghost Murders" still remain in the final published
edition of Cornwell's novel.

The Cornwell lawyers, however, developed a plan to crush me into total
silence before the book came out, plus enrich themselves for several
hundred thousand dollars out of Cornwell's pocket. On 1 February 2000,
Cornwell's New York lawyer Michael Rudell, faxed me an extortion letter
that he wrote for Cornwell, and which he knew Cornwell would enjoy.

This Cornwell extortion letter demanded total silence from me, and
threatened me with a neo-Nazi style book-burning of my books, if I did
not apologise and agree to be silent about anything that even "implied"
criticism of Cornwell, and threatened legal action if I did not submit.
I replied strongly, telling Cornwell and her lawyers to take their Nazi
threats and shove them up their butts.

I have some partly Jewish heritage and the book-burning threats were
extremely offensive to me, given the role of book-burning in the Nazi
Holocaust. Precisely because it was such a Nazi thing to do, these
Nazi-style book-burning threats were extremely delightful to Patricia
Cornwell, to her greedy lawyers, and to the Jew-hating Federal Judge
Robert Payne that they bribed a few weeks later.

In order to protect myself against Cornwell and her goons, I started
publicizing the Cornwell extortion threats. I issued press releases,
talked about the threats on the internet, and put a sticker on the
published copies of my book denouncing Cornwell.

Cornwell's lawyers were the exact same people who had arranged to bribe
the judge and buy the false victory for Cornwell in the 1998 lawsuit.
The lawyers had seen there, how easily they could manipulate the
emotionally disturbed, half-crazy and half-stupid Cornwell, how they
could inflame controversy and then milk Cornwell for money. Cornwell's
lawyer Conrad Shumadine bragged to another lawyer that Cornwell is "a
totally stupid ******* whore" and that he could "milk that bitch like a
fat ****ing cow."

The lawyers then maneuvered Cornwell so they could cork her for several
hundred thousand dollars. In March of 2000 they contacted the
submissive reporter at the Times-Dispatch, Bill McKelway, and dictated
the phony article to him, which was dutifully splashed on the front
page of the right-wing newspaper and on the internet.

The article fabricated by McKelway printed made-up quotations, putting
words in my mouth. McKelway printed lies, accusing me of publicly
claiming that Cornwell was still copying my book, even after she had
made the revisions, and obscuring the controversy about the Nazi-style
extortion letter.

McKelway and the Times-Dispatch thought they were helping Cornwell and
the Bush family by printing these lies; they did not quite realize they
were helping Cornwell's lawyers to defraud Cornwell herself out of
several hundred thousand dollars, pushing Cornwell into a lawsuit in
which she wasn't initially interested.

The lawyers waved the phony article at Cornwell, and after seeing the
phony McKelway article that her lawyers had planted, Cornwell agreed to
give them a blank check to spend whatever unlimited money needed to
crush and destroy me. In return, the lawyers promised Cornwell that she
could enjoy the perverted thrill of the ultimate crime, buying a U.S.
federal judge and undermining the Constitution, and banning of another
American's freedom of speech,

In April of 2000, the lawsuit was filed, demanding the banning of my
freedom of speech, and the burning of my books. The bribery of Federal
Judge Payne - appointed to office by Cornwell's friend President Bush -
was all arranged even before I knew about the lawsuit. "Judge Robert
Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game," is the saying among
Virginia lawyers.

Within minutes after the lawsuit was filed, in a telephone conference
call with , using the phony McKelway Times-Dispatch newspaper story as
"evidence", the neo-Nazi Judge Robert Payne banned my freedom of
speech, and it remains officially banned to this day, on the grounds
that my "false opinions" about Cornwell are a violation of the Patricia
Cornwell "trademark".

The judge went on to stage a brief phony court proceeding that was
financed by Cornwell's half million dollars in funds. The judge
appointed one of his friends, a known crook named Thomas Roberts, to
pose as my lawyer, along with a partner, an actual neo-Nazi from
Germany, Tim Schulte, all of them getting Cornwell's money.

Judge Payne and Roberts and Schulte invented a fraud, in writing, that
Roberts was part of a "First Amendment charity foundation", a so-called
"Freedom Works Foundation", which doesn't exist. They put this fraud in
written do***ents, court transcripts, and even posted this fraud on the

This one fraud alone is enough to begin the felony indictments of the
Cornwell gang and impeach Judge Payne, and send Cornwell herself to

In a staged court hearing, with both "sides" of lawyers on Cornwell's
payroll, the banning of my freedom of speech and freedom of the press
was formalized in writing. Judge Payne ordered the defacing of my books
to eliminate mention of Cornwell, and Judge Payne began defacing one of
my books himself in the courtroom. I was also ordered to send out
letters which destroyed my little publishing company.

At this hearing, Patricia Cornwell committed clear felony perjury about
the letter she and her lawyer Michael Rudell had faxed, threatening to
destroy my books. Cornwell's perjury on that day now leads the list of
crimes for Patricia Cornwell faces indictment and many years in prison.

With my freedom of speech banned from the first day the lawsuit was
filed, all of this was conducted in semi-secrecy, although you can read
the transcripts at the courthouse. I was ordered to stay quiet about
the phony proceedings, and I was threatened with an illegal jailing,
torment and **** in jail, and with being murdered in jail by Cornwell's
lawyers, if I didn't keep quiet about everything.

Some of the threats of illegal jailing and murder are do***ented in
writing, and these proof do***ents are held by the FBI and U.S.
Attorney. One of Cornwell's thugs later discussed the murder threat in
a court hearing, too, while admitting his close relationship with Judge

Lawyers agreed afterwards that these threats were realistic, and that I
might indeed have been jailed and murdered, if I didn't escape from

Some weeks after the fake hearing, Judge Payne and the Cornwell gang
announced to me there had been a total victory for Cornwell, and as a
"settlement" in the case, I had "agreed" to the banning of my own
freedom of speech and freedom of the press for the rest of his life,
"agreed" to never appeal these orders, and "agreed" to spend the next
several years paying some $100,000 plus 18 per cent interest to Judge
Payne's friend, Thomas Roberts, who had helped invent the fake "First
Amendment charity foundation".

The fraudulent US "court order" banning my freedom of speech is there
at the courthouse, with no signature from me, but with the signature of
Judge Payne's friend Roberts merely claiming to be my lawyer.

A number of months after Patricia Cornwell carried out this court fraud
with the bribed Bush appointee Judge Payne, after she had paid for this
gang of thugs to threaten to murder me, Cornwell herself evacuated from
Virginia, trying to run away from the serious crimes she had committed.

The pleasure of buying Virginia judges, and hiring thugs to threaten to
illegally jail and kill another writer, proved to be just momentary
satisfactions to Cornwell. In Cornwell's tormented brain, things were
as bad and anguished as ever, despite the success of committing these
federal terror crimes.

So Patricia Cornwell, guilty and disturbed, relocated her main
residence to the New York area, trying to run away from her own
criminal past, hoping it would not catch up with her. But Patricia
Cornwell's crimes are slowly catching up with her now.

Shortly after her friend George W. Bush became President in January
2001, Patricia Cornwell gave a $1 million gift to the Bushes, in what
can be seen as buying additional insurance and protection from the Bush
government, so Cornwell wouldn't get prosecuted for her crimes. The
Cornwell gift took the form of funding a pet project of Barbara Bush,
who is mother of the current President Bush, and wife of the previous

As a reward for the $1 million dollar gift to the Bushes, Cornwell and
her ******* lover Irene, were invited to come and play for a couple of
days with the President Bush family at the Bush family estate in
Kennebunkport, Maine. A million dollars was certainly enough for the
"born again Christian" Bushes to indulge a little ******* playtime in
their midst.

And Cornwell no doubt felt sure that her million dollar gift, was like
buying immunity from prosecution at the George Bush Justice Department.
With Cornwell's conscience so guilty about her felony crimes of
extortion, court fraud and perverting the course of justice, nothing
less than a million dollar gift would make Cornwell feel sure she had
bought her way out of a possible prison term.

History will see if that million dollar gift to the Bushes, bought
enough influence to keep Cornwell from getting prosecuted while Bush is
in office.

For my own remaining time inside America, I wound up discovering how
really bad things had gotten in the US legal system. Lawyers themselves
face being disbarred or jailed if they file any papers about the bribed
judge. With Bush in power, so the lawyers were all afraid of
confronting a federal judge who was backed by Cornwell's friends in the
Bush government.

Even though I had crystal clear written evidence of felony crimes, no
lawyer was brave enough to help me, fearing for their own safety if
they dared to expose the Cornwell court fraud crimes.

Meanwhile, Judge Payne's criminal friends wanted money from me, and
they threatened to jail and kill me unless I paid them. Under constant
threat of illegal jailing and murder by the Cornwell group, my freedom
of speech banned, and with no lawyer to help me, I stayed inside the US
for as long as I could, looking for legal help that I never found. Then
they came for me, and I was forced to slip into hiding and then escape
over the border, to freedom outside the USA.

I began a new life as a political refugee in Europe. I exposed the
whole Patricia Cornwell court fraud scandal in a 125-count judicial
misconduct filing on 3 April 2004. Since that filing, America's federal
judges and the George Bush Justice Department have been stalling
together on the Cornwell crimes. They were of course careful not to
expose the scandal during the Bush 2004 election campaign, and after
that have tried to continue stalling.

The blatant guilt of federal Judge Payne, selling a phony "foundation"
and staging a phony court hearing to illegally ban a writer's freedom
of speech, is a hot potato among the federal judges. The scandal has
made it all the way to the Supreme Court judicial ethics committee.

They have been trying to decide what to do about it, while minimizing
the disgrace to the whole American judiciary. It makes the judges
nervous, this Patricia Cornwell court fraud scandal, with the federal
judge and his pal and their fake "First Amendment charity foundation",
crimes carried out for a mentally disturbed celebrity who is friends
with the Bush family. This is a scandal that taints the whole federal
court system with the image of farce and fraud, and so their strong
instinct is to try to sweep the whole thing under the rug.

The US government holds complete written evidence with which they could
start issuing immediate felony indictments against Patricia Cornwell
and her gang. However, major political concerns hold up the

Patricia Cornwell is not just a drug-using ******* who has engaged in
court fraud and extortion; she is also a friend of the President Bush
himself, with Cornwell celebrating her bribery of the Bushes at their
family estate. These are important considerations for Bush's friends
and his two Attorney Generals John Ashcroft, and now Alberto Gonzales,
in charge of both the FBI and the prosecutors.

And then there's the FBI agents. Patricia Cornwell has been bribing FBI
agents with money, gifts and favours since the early 1990s. The FBI
itself acknowledges that Cornwell has gotten stolen do***ents from FBI
offices. And yet Cornwell has maintained free access to the Virginia
FBI and its Quantico training headquarters, despite her being a known
criminal risk. Cornwell's friends even include an assistant FBI

There might be a couple of dozen or more FBI agents who've engaged in
illegal hanky panky for Cornwell over the years, giving her access and
secret law enforcement do***ents. These Virginia FBI agents,
well-coddled and well-bribed by Cornwell, are not thrilled about
pursuing a criminal prosecution, that would ultimately lead to exposing
their own misconduct with Cornwell as well.

FBI agents have mounted criminal attacks on me in Europe, e-mailing
computer viruses to me from the FBI's official e-mail account, very
likely personal friends of Cornwell from Cornwell's visits to the FBI
centre at Quantico. Thus, some FBI agents themselves face criminal
charges when the prosecution starts. So the FBI incentive for a cover
up is high.

Cornwell and her lawyers, the Bush government and the US embassies, are
not even trying to deny their crimes of court fraud, extortion, terror,
and undermining the Constitution. The FBI doesn't deny they have proof
of these crimes, either. Yet money and political connections can delay
justice, and Cornwell has both.

In their favour as well, is the fact that the major media companies,
are now so submissive to the Bush regime and to the US government. And
Cornwell herself, the famous author, is precisely the symbol of how the
media corruption is directly tied to the US government. The scandal of
Patricia Cornwell, is the scandal of the big media and publishing
companies, and how they help the US to start wars.

So the big media companies also have incentive to cover up for the
crimes of Cornwell, as Cornwell is one of their own creatures, a tool
and whore for transferring money from the media companies to the Bushes
and to US politicians.

The Cornwell crimes and court fraud are so clear that the information
on the Cornwell crimes has been requested from me by White House
Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, who recently indicted the
Bush-Cheney aide Scooter Libby.

Prosecutor Fitzgerald is backed by the CIA and is a political operator
for the US corporate interests. He is there as a safety valve, to start
issuing indictments of people connected with Bush, when there is enough
political pressure to make that desirable.

Fitzgerald can issue indictments in the Cornwell case in minutes, if he
feels there is political gain to do so. But with the big media
corporations covering up for Cornwell's crimes, Fitzgerald is quiet for
the moment, though he has everything he needs.

Patricia Cornwell, high on drugs and drink and money and power,
probably spends most of the time thinking she is going to get away with
everything. At other times, she likely thinks about going to prison for
many years, and whether she should kill herself first.

But whatever happens, Patricia Cornwell will always be able to boast of
the thrilling fact, that she pulled off one of the biggest crimes ever
committed in the USA legal system. Hilariously blatant court fraud,
buying a fake trial, bribing a US federal judge, attacking the United
States Constitution, banning another American's freedom of speech and
freedom of the press, and forcing her victim to escape from America and
take political refuge in Europe under threat of being jailed and

Along with Cornwell's other past crimes against so many other people,
these are pretty impressive felonies for a redneck girl from a small
town in North Carolina. Cornwell likely gets all hot and excited
thinking about the Bush White House, the bribed federal judges, and the
FBI and Attorney General servicing her and covering up for her crimes.

Not many other criminals can brag about felonies like these. Patricia
Cornwell is now forever in the big time. Her novels will fade, she may
get indicted, Cornwell may kill herself in her mental torment; but she
will always remain one of America's biggest celebrity criminals.

The REAL Patricia Cornwell Biography -
Her Crimes, Bribery, Scandals and Mental Illness

This concludes Part 3 of 3

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